VERILUOLA: Decibel Magazine Hosts Exclusive Stream Of Cascades Of Crimson Cruor Debut LP By Finnish/American Black Metal Duo; Album Drops Friday On Nameless Grave Records

Decibel Magazine is hosting an exclusive stream of Cascades Of Crimson Cruor, the debut LP from Finnish/American black metal duo VERILUOLA, in advance of the album’s release this Friday through Nameless Grave Records.

On their anxiously anticipated debut album, Cascades Of Crimson Cruor, VERILUOLA embraces all the beloved history of black and death metal to create something that is all their own. Harrowing riffs descended from Mediterranean swamps, Finnish caves of blood, timeless melodic death metal, spirited classic heavy metal, and Roman heroism collide, merging seamless to make music that is all VERILUOLA: equally pummeling and heavy as majestic, both beautiful and cruel in different moments of extremely varied and creative songwriting.

The end package, already great, is further enhanced by mixing by Andrew Lee (Ripped To Shreds), mastering by Alex Poole (Chaos Moon, Skáphe), artwork by Silvana Massa and layout by Obscure Visions. Cascades Of Crimson Cruor is highly recommended for fans of Varathron, Mortuary Drape, and labelmates Dungeon Serpent.

With the album seeing release, the band’s Santeri offers, “From the archaic depths, VERILUOLA‘s Cascades Of Crimson Cruor emerges with dreadful force. We have spent the last year concocting this album, and with the addition of our new member Malus, we bring you a horrible anthology of ancient conflict and violence. Medieval in nature, Cascades Of Crimson Cruor delves into themes of occultism, corruption and apocalypse in a vicious style of old school black and death metal.”

With their advance stream of the album, Decibel Magazine writes, “Cascades Of Crimson Cruor calls back to the oldest of old-school black and death metal, but its compositional boldness ensures it never sounds dated. Songs twist and turn their way through caverns of rumbling, Finnish-style death metal, sepulchral black metal, and sword-raising epic heavy metal with thrilling unpredictability.”

Listen to VERILUOLA’s crushing Cascades Of Crimson Cruor first at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Nameless Grave Records will release Cascades Of Crimson Cruor on Blood Red LP, CD, and digitally this Friday, May 12th. Find preorders at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Forged in the flames of ancient witching evil, VERILUOLA stands in opposition to the contemporary black metal scene and its homogenization. There was a time in the history of black metal where each band was unique, when fans and bands did not eschew the call of the heavy metal that preceded the genre, and when rigid borders between black metal, death metal, and thrash just did not exist. Many bands rush straight from formation to an album in this age of easy, accessible digital recording technology, and the result is often poor: mediocre songwriting born from hastily thrown together structures, an excess of the same boring sections repeated under the guise of “atmosphere,” and riffs no better than whatever album they were shamelessly stolen from. VERILUOLA instead seeks a return to a halcyon age where there was a barrier of entry to releases; in the years since 2020’s lauded Demo, they have carefully refined themselves, seeking to find the best way to merge a myriad of influences and reach the same storied heights as the masters that inspired them.

“The duo’s storm of riffs, necromantic solos, and primeval vocals always pair well with the tasteful – if economical – rhythmic furor on offer. Sleep not on VERILUOLA, fellow fiends” – Decibel Magazine

“The barbarity of the music is immediate, thanks to maniacally hammering drums and riffing that both swarms and slithers. Even when the drumming converts to a metronome pop, the guitars still sound convulsive and crazed. Haughty growls and throbbing basslines give the song an aspect of predatory menace to go along with the dervish whirl of the guitars and the demented crack of throat-splitting screams.” – No Clean Singing

“Raw and skittering as the modest recording of Cascades Of Crimson Cruor might seem, the curious sub-genre androgyny shared between their death metallic traits and the estranged tradition of black metal inherent to the work ended up leaving a somewhat lasting impression after roughly ten or so listens, calling me back for details and smaller moments more so than the spread of melodic values available.” – Grizzly Butts

“Veriluola plays a musical style that goes back to the early-90s era of black, death and thrash metal and mixes them together to create a sound of their own. The production sounds very raw and old-school while the lyrics cover occultism and darkness themes.” – Occult Black Metal Zine