CHILD BITE Releases Limited Ten-Year Anniversary Edition Of Strange Waste EP On Vinyl Via Housecore Records

Art/noise-rock-turned-punk/metallers CHILD BITE have unleashed a special ten-year anniversary edition of their critically lauded Strange Waste EP on 12” vinyl via Housecore Records!

Strange Waste fuses all walks of extreme from metal, noise, and hardcore without falling squarely into any of one those genres. A wholly bastardized hybrid of the Melvins, Dead Kennedys, Big Black, and System Of A Down, CHILD BITE‘s self-proclaimed “music for losers” is ugly, anxious, and dangerously habit-forming. Originally issue by Housecore Records as a double 7” in 2014, Strange Waste was captured at Russian Recording in Indianapolis, Indiana and produced by CHILD BITE. The 2024 edition features new cover art: an original painting commissioned by Brad Moore (Tomb Mold, Gatecreeper).

Comments vocalist Shawn Knight, “It’s been a decade since this bad boy came out, and I think it’s safe to say we’re even more fucked up now after all of these years. Lots of good memories from around this time, like our first tours with King Parrot and Acid Witch. The music video with King Buzzo… I still don’t know how we pulled that one off. I managed to put my ego in check just long enough to hire surrealist Brad Moore to paint the new cover and I couldn’t be happier with what he did for us. And it’s our first time pressing a record with Waxwork; both vinyl variants they came up with are amazing.”

Strange Waste is limited to 300 copies (100 x Splatter vinyl, 200 x Butterfly vinyl). Order yours today at the Housecore Records webshop HERE or Bandcamp HERE.

Strange Waste EP Track Listing:

  1. Still Fucked Up After All These Years
  2. Garbage Odyssey
  3. Sinking In Your Skin
  4. Ancestral Ooze
  5. Molestation of the Arts
  6. Foreign Tissue Purge
  7. Mongoloid Obsession
  8. Obey The Wraith
  9. In A Cloud Of Blood
  10. Bog Infinity

Formed in 2005, CHILD BITE has forged a unique path through the underground musical landscape. Their current formation, consisting of vocalist Shawn Knight, bassist Sean Clancy, guitarist Jeremy Waun, and drummer Jeff Porter perform anxiety-inducing music with equal parts ’70s-prog-infused-art-rock, early-’80s-hardcore, and ’90s-alternative metal. The band has five full-lengths, countless EPs, and a two-disc anthology under their collective belts, and has played over 1000 shows throughout North America, Europe and Australia, including tours supporting renowned artists such as Pantera, Voivod, Negative Approach, Down, Poison Idea, Today Is The Day, Superjoint, and Unsane.

“Strange Waste is a malevolent housebreaker, hellbent on soiling your carpet with unspeakable fluids and slicing your throat while you sleep.” — Metal Hammer

“This is one awesomely strange slice of loud rock that is sure to thrill fans who lurk on the outskirts of the scene.” — Verbicide

“Strange Waste is a difficult record to pigeon-hole and far from being just a punk record – to describe it as derivative of any particular scene or genre is to do it a disservice. It doesn’t sit neatly in any particular camp, being heavier and far more relevant than any conventional hardcore band. It’s certainly not a metal record either, being much too treble-happy and unsettled for that. There are shades of The Locust and J R Ewing buried in there. Let’s call it a spazz record: a really bloody good spazz record.” — Ninehertz UK

“The riffs on the record are catchier than the clap, and the rhythm section is a constant pummeling.  Paired with energetic live shows, constant touring, and Knight’s deranged artwork and prints, CHILD BITE has become a self-made monster that’s leaving a viscous snail trail all over the country” — Bearded Gentlemen