NOROTH: Seattle Death Metal Trio To Release Sacrificial Solace June 7th On Carbonized Records; New Track Streaming + Preorders Available

Photo by NOROTH

Seattle death metal trio NOROTH will unleash their Sacrificial Solace full-length on June 7th through Carbonized Records.

Forged in the year 2019, NOROTH is focused on making their own trail of stench. Inspired by the sordid sounds of Bolt Thrower, Incantation, and Cianide, their first album, It Dwells Amongst Us, was released on cassette via Caligari Records at the dawn of the global pandemic. Morbid Chapel Records and Rotted Life soon followed, issuing it on vinyl and CD respectively.

It Dwells Amongst Us was immediately succeeded by their more experimental Harbinger full-length, released via Rotted Life and Life After Death. The record continued in the spirit of their debut with a subtle classic heavy metal feel, the addition of drummer Jeremy, who had spent decades serving audio battery in bands like Sanctum and Condition, only adding to the feral nature of the offering.

This year’s Sacrificial Solace carries on tradition birthing something yet more intense akin to an orgy of Rottrevore, Grave, and Morbid Angel. Prepare for a new pile of rotting darkness. Comments guitarist Mike on opening track and first single, “Black Serpent,” “We wanted the beginning of the album to sound like you were opening the gates of Hell and then immediately descended into a sewer. I wrote the opening riff to sound like you were getting crushed by feces. Lyrically, ‘Black Serpent’ delves into the sinister tactics religion uses to infiltrate and intertwine itself with the foundations of societies, governments, and personal lives, exerting control, manipulation, and abuse, all while escaping any consequences.”

Stream NOROTH’s “Black Serpent” HERE.

Sacrificial Solace was tracked by Nick Emard at 7 Hills Studio, mixed by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studio, mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio, and features artwork by Thomas “Necromaniac” Westphal.

Sacrificial Solace will be released on CD, LP, cassette, and digital formats. Find preorders at the Carbonized Records US webshop HERE, EU webshop HERE, or Bandcamp HERE.

Sacrificial Solace Track Listing:

  1. Black Serpent
  2. Symphony Of Decay
  3. Bloodborne
  4. Sacrificial Solace
  5. Pleading Depths
  6. Adorned In Rotting Flesh
  7. Poisoned Ashes
  8. Devoid Of Grace

NOROTH Live w/ Phrenelith:
6/27/2024 High Water Mark – Portland, OR
6/28/2024 Jules Maes – Seattle, WA
6/29/2024 The Cobalt – Vancouver, BC
6/30/2024 Big Fernwood – Victoria, BC
w/ Vile Rites:
7/19/2024 Til Two Club – San Diego, CA
7/20/2024 Supply and Demand – Long Beach, CA
7/21/2024 Dark Nectar Coffee – Atascadero, CA
7/22/2024 TBA – Oakland, CA
w/ Grave Infestation:
10/27/2024 Huck Finn – Nagoya, JP
10/28/2024 El Puente – Yokohama, JP
10/30/2024 SO-GEN – Shizuoka, JP
10/31/2024 Asakusa Deathfest Pre-Show – Tokyo, JP
11/01/2024 Asakusa Deathfest – Tokyo, JP

Mike – guitar
Biaggo – vocals/bass
Jeremy – drums