DESOLAT: Vienna, Austria-Based Noise Rock To Release Dan Swanö-Mastered Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die LP On Reptilian Records June 14th; “(Gin) Tonic Youth” Streaming + Preorders Posted

photo by Alex Aigner

Savage Austrian trio DESOLAT will deploy the gnarled wares of their second LP, Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die, on June 14th through the roster of long-running noise rock experts, Reptilian Records.

Austria and Vienna are better known for The Sound Of Music, Mozart, Empress Sissi, and some sense of cozy beauty than grim music. But Unsane’s Chris Spencer barely survived an act of violence there, Henry Rollins wrote about being impressed by the borderline assertiveness of the local punks, their all-time favorites are the infamous Pungent Stench, and when the Viennese Actionism was up to mischief in the 1960s it drove worldwide astonishment. There’s legendary fields of unpleasant deviance and transgression in Vienna, and that’s where DESOLAT stirs around.

Established in 2018, DESOLAT’s grimy noise rock is rooted in hardcore/punk and infused with elements of sludge, crust, and death metal created by three veterans of the Viennese DIY anarcho punk scene, current and former members of Phal:Angst, Cyruss, Dim Prospects, La Ligne Maginot, Gfrast, Face The Owl, Radikalkur, E.M.S., and others. The band’s beginning days were cut short as COVID-19 lockdowns were put into place after playing only three shows. Nevertheless, they have since managed to release two EPs and one LP, with album number two now on the way.

This time more noise and less death metal, DESOLAT’s crushing Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die deploys eight ripping tracks with a riotous, relentless momentum, while lyrical undercurrents of political unrest, societal disgust, and a live fast/die young callousness shred their way through. The record’s artwork and title were inspired by Texas’ Brutal Juice and their 1995 Alternative Tentacles-released masterpiece, I Love The Way They Scream When They Die. Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die was recorded and mixed by Rainer Spänle at Cosmix Studios in Vienna, mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound (Opeth, Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath), with design elements by Lisl Matzer. The track “Great White Northern Shitlicker” features saxophone by Michael Masen. This is music for fans of Unsane, Neurosis, Entombed, Iron Monkey, Helmet, Discharge, Hüsker Dü, Sonic Youth, and The Jesus Lizard. Get sick!

The first single from Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die is the LP’s closing track, “(Gin) Tonic Youth.” The band writes, “The song celebrates escapism, self-destruction, self-hatred, booze, drug use, and partying hard. The band are ‘90s kids; grunge-era, Generation X, heavily influenced by ‘80s punk and hardcore culture as well. The current Gen Z zeitgeist is quite a strong counterpoint to that, where the kids sometimes seem to be more uncool and uptight than their parents. Can you believe that booze and smoke are considered not cool among youngsters? People want to work on their work-life balance, go to bed early, do yoga, and go to the gym and shit. It goes hand in hand with the rise of security society where it seems people expect insurance for every problem instead of taking responsibility and action. Get loose! Gimme danger! Getting wasted and taking things not too seriously is still loads of fun!”

Slam down a shot of something dangerous and crank DESOLAT’s “(Gin) Tonic Youth” up to absurd, fistfight-worthy levels RIGHT HERE.

Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die will be released on Red Transparent vinyl including a download card through US noise rock juggernaut Reptilian Records and digitally through Austria’s Bloodshed 666 Records on June 14th. Find preorders at the Reptilian webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Watch for an official video and additional updates to post over the weeks ahead.

Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die Track Listing:
1. Doomsday Clock
2. Time For Darkness
3. Pregnant Meth Addict With Cancer
4. Two Elderly Brothers Killed A Young Mother
5. Great White Northern Shitlicker
6. This Band Is Your Yoga
7. Central European Nihilist Arrogance
8. (Gin) Tonic Youth

Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die is DESOLAT’s first release on legendary US noise rock label Reptilian Records. The catalog of this label carries such great bands as Buzzov*en, Unsane side project Cutthroats 9, PG. 99, Lubricated Goat, Negative Approach, Easy Action (with Negative Approach’s John Brannon), Heroine Sheiks (Shannon Selberg of the Cows), The Upper Crust, Supersuckers, Electric Frankenstein, Oxes, the Chris Spencer (Unsane) and Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) collaboration project UXO, Thrall (Mike Hard from the God Bullies), The Dwarves, and many others. The label released the first Mastodon 7″ and some early Pig Destroyer records and still show they are up to date when it comes to finding the gems in cutting edge rock music which was proven with the discovery of contemporary noise rock sensation Chat Pile, Nerver, and more. The label spawned its roots in the Baltimore-based record store of the same name in 1989 which closed its doors in recent years, while the mailorder/label are still going strong, now based in Texas. When it comes to the labels of the heydays of the genre in the late-1980 and ‘90s, the names Amphetamine Reptile, Touch & Go, Alternative Tentacles, and Man’s Ruin are synonymous with the output of Reptilian Records.

Alfred – vocals, guitar
Klaus – bass
Mentl – drums, sampling

photo by Paayarazzi