TROLLER: “Sundowner” Video From Texas Darkwave Trio Premiered Through BrooklynVegan

TROLLER 4P4A3792 [photo by Alex Kacha][photo by Alex Kacha]

Austin, Texas-based doom-laden darkwave trio TROLLER has just issued their brand new video for “Sundowner,” the track culled from their recently-released full-length, Graphic. The visually stunning new clip comes into the public domain through a premiere hosted at BrooklynVegan.

TROLLER delivers the long-awaited follow-up to their acclaimed eponymous debut release. With Graphic, the band expands upon their lush, lugubrious sound, blowing up the elements of combining heavy synths, slow-motion rhythms, and haunting vocal melodies, woven into infectious, brooding blasts of darkpop perfection. The new video is as vibrant as the band’s sound, these artistic elements culminating into a deluge of creative bombast that relocates the viewer to another dimension.

Sundowner is the heaviest song on the record, which makes it an absolute blast to play live because we get to really push the capabilities of our instruments and our effects,” issues the TROLLER team. “In the studio, we spent a lot of time experimenting with layers of tones on this song, and we challenged our crew and ourselves to make something as visually dense as possible. We are making videos for every song on the album, and we wanted at least one of them to feature us (the band) as the main subjects on film. So we recruited the help of our friend and painter Nicolas Nadeau to conceptualize sets of evolving paintings that used our bodies as a canvas. We had a long and grueling shoot involving getting painted, doing a take of the song, scrubbing ourselves off, and repeating over and over and over. The video comes alive in the editing room where our amazing director Melissa Cha (who also directed our first single ‘Not Here’), painstakingly micro-arranged dozens of raw takes of us standing, sitting, head banging, and lip-syncing into a polished and slick piece of art. This project took the cooperation of many artists from a wide range of media, and we could not be happier with way it turned out. It’s nasty yet refined and probably the coolest thing we have made to date period. Hopefully we can continue to top ourselves as we move on to the next video. We are definitely not going to stop getting more and more creatively ambitious in the studio or on camera anytime soon.”

BrooklynVegan has released TROLLER‘s “Sundowner” video through an exclusive premiere, offering of the Graphic LP, “it’s a pretty fine dose of modern darkwave. It’s haunting but undeniably melodic, and things get loud sometimes, like on ‘Sundowner’…”

See “Sundowner” through BrooklynVegan RIGHT HERE.

Following its initial vinyl release, issued through TROLLER‘s own Holodeck label, Crucial Blast released the CD version of Graphic in June; orders for the vinyl can be placed HERE and the CD HERE.

Following their recent East Coast tour, TROLLER continues to play live, booking several Summer shows throughout their home state, including Austin on July 22nd, Houston on August 13th, and Austin again on August 19th. Another major tour is to be announced in the coming days.

7/22/2016 Cheer up Charlie’s – Austin, TX
8/13/2016 Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX
8/19/2016 Cheer up Charlie’s – Austin, TX

With Graphic, TROLLER has expanded on their sound; their sensuous, dread-filled pop encrusted with huge, otherworldly synths and distorted, grinding bass roar, rumbling across crawling drum machines and washes of glacial Carpenterian electronics, gorgeously gloomy synthpop hooks gleaming in the dimly lit corners. Amber Goers’ soulful, utterly bewitching vocals once again haunt the band’s tenebrous depths. Songs shimmer with a malevolent majesty, while elsewhere the album slips into nightmarish electronic ambience and stunning expanses of black kosmische bliss. Combined with their penchant for provocative imagery and apocalyptic undercurrents, this produces something far bleaker and more unsettling than anything else we’re hearing in the realm of dark synthpop right now.

See TROLLER’s videos for “They Body” at Impose RIGHT HERE, “Not Here” at FACT Mag HERE, “Dryld” at AdHoc HERE, and “Storm Maker” at Fader HERE, and stream the entire Graphic album at Vice/Thump HERE.