THE CLEARING PATH Signs With Avantgarde Music; New Song From Debut Album And Interview Live At Decibel Magazine

[photo by Virginia Sarediy]

The debut album of blackened hymns by THE CLEARING PATH, entitled Watershed Between Earth And Firmament, have caught the attention of Avantgarde Music, who will now back the soloist-borne act for a physical version of the record’s release, as Decibel Magazine premieres a new track from the outfit with an exclusive interview with the outfit’s solo creator.

A dense, thirty-minute release, Watershed Between Earth And Firmament is the recorded maiden voyage for THE CLEARING PATH — the solo project of one Gabriele Gramaglia — conceived following the demise of the artist’s former outfit, ThySolace. Comprised of six widely conceptual yet crisply-recorded movements, the album draws energetic production and energetic qualities from the scathing punk/hardcore persuasion of Converge, Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone, yet wholly envelops them into a modernized, blackened delivery fans of Blut Aus Nord, Enslaved and Deathspell Omega alike can attach to. Mastered by Marco Gervasio and fitted with custom artwork painted by Luca Devinu/Blessend, the record was initially set for an independent digital release, yet upon recent announcements on the incoming record, underground heavyweight Avantgarde Music — responsible for releases from Mayhem, Taake, Abigor, Carpathian Forest, Evoken, Darkspace, Thaw and more — has picked up the album for a fully distributed CD version of the album.

Decibel Magazine has honed-in on the works of THE CLEARING PATH, and today unloads “Holy Waters,” the opening track to this brutalizing opus, alongside an interview with Gramaglia and a write-up which praises how the soloist, “incorporates a love of Converge-heightened, spastic hardcore heaviness into his anguished odes to the great outdoors. The percussion and vocal rhythms here really set Gramaglia’s solo project apart from the pack. The music retains black metal’s otherworldly quality without losing the attention of mere mortals like us (and presumably you).”

Let the “Holy Waters” of THE CLEARING PATH pour forth via Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

Also hear the album’s “Sacred Mountain” via American Aftermath RIGHT HERE.

Watershed Between Earth And Firmament will see digital release via the band on July 11th with a CD version to be delivered via Avantgarde Music shortly after.

Fully written, executed, recorded and mixed by Gabriele Gramaglia, THE CLEARING PATH‘s Watershed Between Earth And Firmament is a concept album about spiritual renaissance inspired by the beauty of mountainous landscapes of the Italian Alps north of his homeland, conceived in reflection about one of the darkest periods in his life. The record stands as a turning point, in the search for the light to find the path back to normalcy, metaphorically describing a trek from the slopes of a majestic mountain to its summit in which, after many efforts and obstacles, some semblance of solace is found.