SOCK: Cult Sacramento Metalcore Act Predating Far, Will Haven, And Crosses Issues “Motor” Single; Out-Of-Print 3243 Album To Be Reissued By Minus Head Records On May 17th

photo by Danny Ensele

Minus Head Records prepares for the May 17th release of 3243, the long-out-of-print solitary release from SOCK – the legendary mid-1990s metalcore band hailing from Sacramento, California, whose members went on to form Will Haven, Far, Crosses, and more – today issuing the track “Motor.”

SOCK was vocalist Grady Avenell (Will Haven), guitarist Shaun Lopez (Far, Crosses), bassist Adam Federico, and drummer Jeff Irwin (Will Haven). The band’s electrifying energy on stage and raw passion for their craft defined a generation, a seminal act in the Sacramento scene. With a sound that fused relentless riffs, thunderous drums, and searing vocals, the band’s music transcended boundaries and until now has only existed in memories worldwide. Born from the gritty underground scene, SOCK captured lightning in a bottle with their only recorded album, meticulously performed and captured live to tape. Their music isn’t just a listening experience; it’s a visceral journey through the depths of emotion, delivered with the ferocity that only SOCK could muster.

In an era of fleeting trends, SOCK remains an enduring force, their impact still felt in the hearts of fans who were fortunate enough to witness their legendary performances. Join the ranks of those who have been touched by the sonic fury of SOCK, a band whose legacy continues to resonate with metalcore enthusiasts and beyond. The album’s title 3243 was named after the street address of the birthplace of many seminal acts to emerge from Sacramento.

SOCK’s 3243 was recorded at Enharmonik Studios in June 1995, the album produced. mixed, and mastered by Eric Stenman (AWOLNation, Will Haven, Deftones, Far, Earth Crisis). While no official photos of the band seem to exist, the cover art was produced by Michael Cobra using old camcorder footage of live performances.

With the “Motor” single, drummer Jeff Irwin reveals, “This song was the one that went over the best at our shows; the build-up is killer, all the parts are killer. Another gem written by Shaun with some input from Adam.”

Stream SOCK’s “Motor” at Bandcamp RIGHT HERE and Apple Music HERE.

Fans of 108, Deadguy, Undertow, Harvest, the early records of Turmoil, Refused, and Snapcase, and of course Will Haven and other heavy Sacramento acts should check out SOCK’s 3243.

3243 will be released on all digital platforms and in a run of 150 cassettes on May 17th. Find preorders at Bandcamp where the lead single “Porch Club” is also streaming HERE.