QAALM: Los Angeles-Based Doom-Bringers To Release First Light Of The Last Dawn EP June 21st Via Hypaethral Records; New Video/Single Now Playing + Preorders Available

Photo by Samantha Wallschlaeger

Los Angeles-based atmospheric doomsayers, QAALM, will release their new EP, First Light Of The Last Dawn, on June 21st via Hypaethral Records.

The follow-up to the band’s critically adored debut, Resilience & Despair, ushers in a new era of QAALM, introducing influence from black metal and progressive rock and ultimately pushing their new material beyond the boundaries set by their earlier work. Even the production, graced by the skillful engineering of Paul Fig and expert mixing and mastering of Zeuss, two powerhouses who have collectively worked with the likes of Slipknot, Hatebreed, and Municipal Waste, displays evolution, elevation, and growth.

Comparisons to the likes of Agalloch and the “Peaceville Three” only scratch the surface of QAALM‘s sonic tapestry. As bands like Paradise Lost, Neurosis, and Mastodon have continued to reinvent themselves between albums, so too has QAALM, maintaining the spirit of their earlier work while composing new material that is even more dynamic and engaging.

Elaborates vocalist/guitarist Henry Derek Elis, “There are elements in First Light Of The Last Dawn that reflect my personal views of death, the afterworld, religion, and reincarnation. It has made me think about my own journey – all the losses and who I would be without having to endure such difficult experiences. My belief is that one must embrace such suffering, in hopes of having some real quality of life. May it remind us that we are not enslaved by our past.”

In advance of the EP’s release, today the band unveils the title track. Elis further comments, “‘First Light Of The Last Dawn’ is a song that I wrote at the tail end of the writing sessions for the forthcoming second full-length album. As a band, we felt that this one was truly special and that it could potentially stand alone. It’s an honest and heartfelt composition that comes from a place of pain and hope. It deals with suicidal ideation, survivor’s guilt, grief and redemption far beyond a spiritual nature.”

Watch QAALM’s lyric video for “First Light Of The Last Dawn” HERE.

First Light Of The Last Dawn EP will be released digitally as well as CD and cassette (limited to 100 copies each).

Find preorders at the Hypaethral Records webshop HERE or Bandcamp HERE.

First Light Of The Last Dawn EP Track Listing:

  1. First Light Of The Last Dawn
  2. Ward 81
  3. Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath cover – physical releases only)

QAALM Live w/ Dead Memory:
6/01/2024 The Naked Lounge – Chico, CA
6/02/2024 Overkill Bar – Tacoma, WA
6/03/2024 High Water Mark – Portland, OR
6/04/2024 Erebus – Kelso, WA
6/05/2024 TBA – Sacramento, CA
6/06/2024 Stay Gold Deli – Oakland, CA
6/07/2024 TBA – San Jose, CA
6/08/2024 Humdinger Brewing – San Luis Obispo, CA
6/09/2024 Jerry’s Pizza & Pub – Bakersfield, CA
6/10/2024 Redwood Bar & Grill – Los Angeles, CA

Henry Derek Elis – vocals, lead/rhythm guitars
Minsu Dylan Kim – lead/rhythm guitars
Dave Ferrara – drums