OBSCENE: Indiana Death Metal Henchmen To Release Third LP, Agony & Wounds, On Nameless Grave Records July 12th; No Clean Singing Premieres “The Reaper’s Blessing” + Preorders Posted

photos by Scott Wilson

“In the relatively compact space of four minutes OBSCENE create a spinning kaleidoscope of sonic terrors.” – No Clean Singing

Nameless Grave Records presents Agony & Wounds, the merciless third LP from Indianapolis, Indiana-based death metal henchmen OBSCENE. With the album’s cover art, track listing, preorders, and more, No Clean Singing unveils the record’s lead single, “The Reaper’s Blessing.”

After traversing from dead horizon to dead horizon touring the United States with groups such as Morta Skuld, Molder, and Re-Buried, the Hoosier hellions OBSCENE delivers their third crime against humanity with Agony & Wounds. With eleven offenses raining plague and pestilence upon all in its path, Agony & Wounds is their densest, lengthiest, most challenging, and most rewarding album to date, showcasing not the band’s years of constant hard work in OBSCENE, but also their growth as musicians playing in other bands such as Mother Of Graves, Acheron, and Summon The Destroyer.

Picking up where …From Dead Horizon To Dead Horizon Left Off, OBSCENE’s Agony & Wounds showcases how the band delivers the goods in the way only they can. It also shows a broadening in the scope in their sound, packing in even more devastating riffs, eerie howls, whirlwind drumming, and a tightening of the band’s signature songwriting chops, fluidly showing a sense for subtlety that belies their more obviously ignorant influences and that stands out in a scene full of Johnny-come-latelies without half the experience needed to pull the same thing off. You will feel the Agony & Wounds, and you will come back for more! Keep it OBSCENE!

Featuring a glorious cover spread by legendary artist Brad Moore (Argus, Tomb Mold, Gatecreeper), Agony & Wounds was engineered and mixed by Noah Buchanan at Mercinary Studios and mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studios. This is unquestionably a record fans of Asphyx, early-At The Gates, Brutality, and Morgoth will want to hear.

The band relays with the first single from the album, “We are excited and proud to share ‘The Reaper’s Blessing’ off our forthcoming LP Agony & Wounds. Musically, it has all the staples of the OBSCENE sound with crushing riffs, world eating bass tones, demolishing drums, and tortured vocals. With every OBSCENE release, we remain true to our core tenets while expanding death’s valley. The climax for this track is far and away the most intense in our catalog. Brandon really pushed himself on this one. Come, reap.”

No Clean Singing writes with their premiere and analysis of the punishing single, “In the relatively compact space of four minutes OBSCENE create a spinning kaleidoscope of sonic terrors. The song is alternately hulking and humongous, demented, and delirious, morbid and agonizing — ice-cold and red-hot and ultimately as eerie as a haunted house — but it’s also so well-structured, cleverly nuanced, and diabolically infectious that it’s likely to take up residence in your brain whether you want it to or not.”

Unleash hell with OBSCENE’s “The Reaper’s Blessing” first through No Clean Singing RIGHT HERE.

Agony & Wounds will be released July 12th on limited gatefold vinyl (300 on Violet and 200 on Gold), CD, and digital by Nameless Grave Records. Find preorders at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE. A cassette is due through stalwart allies Desert Wastelands Productions.

Agony & Wounds Track Listing:
1. The Cloverland Panopticon
2. Watch Me When I Kill
3. Breathe The Decay
4. Noxious Expulsion
5. Death’s Denial
6. Written In Blood And Covered In Flies
7. The Reaper’s Blessing
8. Rotting Behind The Madness
9. Dressed In Corpses
10. Oceans Of Rot
11. Agony And Wounds

Roy Hayes – bass
Brandon Howe – drums
Mike Morgan – guitars
Kyle Shaw – vocals