SHIN TO SHIN: Debut LP By Ex-Integrity/In Cold Blood Guitarist Out Now On A389

The self-titled debut LP from SHIN TO SHIN, the project conceived and executed by In Cold Blood/ex-Integrity guitarist Aaron Melnick, is out today on A389 Recordings.

SHIN TO SHIN is fully the vision and creation of Aaron Melnick, who fully conceived, wrote and performed all music on the album, minus the drums. He even took the lead on the recording process which took place at Cleveland’s Mars Studio, after which it was mixed at Developing Nations. The album delivers eight crushing and diverse anthems with a lot of throwbacks to the early ’90s metal and hardcore scenes, merging the bottom-dredging influences of Exodus and Celtic Frost with the grit of the no-bullshit hardcore hostility of the Cleveland scene its creator grew up in.

A389 Recordings this week releases Shin To Shin, the album now streaming and available for purchase AT THIS LOCATION.

Aaron Melnick’s name is most often associated with the mighty Integrity, having been the lead guitarist for some of their most seminal releases including Those Who Fear Tomorrow, Systems Overload, Humanity Is The Devil and Seasons In The Size Of Days, in addition to contributing vocals, taking part in the arranging, recording and production of said records and much more. His blazing, divebomb-infused solo style seems directly descendant to Metallica and some of the earliest Bay Area thrash heroes, yet fueled for a more deplorable, clenched-fist audience. Melnick also formed In Cold Blood with his brother, bassist Leon Melnick, after the pair left the ranks of Integrity in the late ’90s and remains active with several projects including SHIN TO SHIN.