SANZU: Heavy Over The Home Expanded Full-Length Out Now And Streaming

Photo by: darkspiritphotography -

Photo by: darkspiritphotography –

Today marks the North American release of Heavy Over The Home, the debut release from Perth, Australia’s SANZU. Initially self-released in 2015 to widespread critical acclaim, Heavy Over The Home is now being reissued worldwide via Listenable Records on CD and limited edition orange vinyl. This updated version includes revised artwork as well as their Painless EP serving as bonus tracks and is available now HERE.

In celebration of its stateside release, No Cleaning Singing is streaming the expanded edition in full, crowning the band the, “undisputed masters of Southern hemisphere hydro-groove.”

Hear Heavy Over The Home at THIS LOCATION.

Fueled by a fiery DIY ethic, the band self-released one EP entitled Painless and their debut full-length, Heavy Over The Home, in 2015 to widespread underground approval. praised, “one of the most invigorating and engaging records,” of that year adding, “On Heavy Over The Home, clever progressive elements collide with the ferocity and savagery of traditional death metal.” No Clean Singing concurred, “The overall package provides one of the heaviest, deepest, and most intimately rewarding (not to mention crushing) listening experiences I’ve had all year.” MetalSucks gushed, “Very much in the same vein as bands like Morbid Angel and Gojira, SANZU‘s Heavy Over The Home is the kind of album that’s so weighty and forceful you feel as though you might be flattened just listening to it; it’s beyond marching elephants, it’s elephants marching on top of you. Now that is heavy!,” while VS-webzine noted, “Heavy Over The Home is one of the sensations of this year-end 2015… do not miss SANZU.” Elsewhere the sentiment echoed. Heavy Blog Is Heavy called it an, “engaging and interesting album,” that, “leaves us satiated, fulfilled and purged of our anger.” Echoes And Dust wrote, “the brutal, and at times complex onslaught will satisfy your need for frenzied death metal.” Added Wonderbox Metal, “In an utterly crushing display of super-heavy death metal, SANZU destroy the opposition with ease and leave us with a top-quality album to enjoy in the smoldering ruins of what came before.”


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