WRVTH Releases Live Studio Video Via Gear Gods


Today, atmospheric tech death unit, WRVTH, in cooperation with the tech gurus at Gear Gods, reveal a live studio video for the song “Into Bloom.” The tracks comes by way of the band’s critically-lauded, self-titled full-length released via Unique Leader last year. The clip was created by FlytrapTV who met up with WRVTH in Northern California at Fang Studios with Nick Loiacono.

Comments Gear Gods: “WRVTH is a unicorn – a band that clearly fits neatly under the overarching umbrella of metal, and contains elements found in many of its subgenres – and yet is of none of them. It’s a cohesive sound, where all the pieces fit together without sounding forced or shoehorned in.”

View “Into Bloom” at THIS LOCATION.

WRVTH recently completed a month-long US tour which included two weeks of dates with Seeker and Forty Winters with additional live invasions in the plotting stages for later this year.

Tracked at SharkBite/Castle Ultimate Studios by Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Fallujah, All Shall Perish et al.), Wrvth, commended by Dead Rhetoric for being, “bold and visceral, all while providing depth and feelings,” features a guest appearance from Daniel Casares of Bay Area jazz group, Atta Kid, on saxophone and continues to astound the ears of fans and critics globally for its expert balance of beauty and brutality.

Wrvth is out now on Unique Leader Records. Order yours today HERE.

“[WRVTH‘s] penchant for dramatic atmospherics under ominous, stormy death metal might garner them ‘on a playlist with Fallujah’ one-liners. And the collective’s technical wizardry certainly makes them right at home on Unique Leader. But damn if the devil isn’t in the details here. WRVTH add to their sonic stew a heavy helping of skronk – think Gorguts, Ulcerate, Artificial Brain, etc. – and a dash of post-hardcore sensibility, both in the harmonic structure of the chords they’re using and the vocal approach, all of which makes for a much more moody and emotional experience.” – MetalSucks

WRVTH‘s long stretches of ambience, combined with a half-billion different guitar riffs and occasional blast-beats, give the band the sense of an auteur, painting a multitude of different, distinctive pictures within their new disc’s run-time.” – No Clean Singing

WRVTH is a triumph in a way that hasn’t really been seen before: by so skillfully blending riffy techdeath with genres that are known for their emotional qualities, WRVTH sees to it that the album is both beautiful and consistently engaging for the listener. This is THE atmospheric techdeath album, and it will be for years to come.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

WRVTH reemerge with a unique, albeit morose, offering that outshines any previous efforts.” – Sputnik Music