BOSS KONG Lets The Humans Soundtrack Vol. II Loose With Exclusive Stream And Feature At Decibel Magazine

Having punished the humans with their rightful ways through initial warnings, primate biker horde, BOSS KONG, has successfully infiltrated the populous with The Humans Soundtrack Vol. II for Record Store Day. While the vinyl incarnation of the recordings on this platter is about to become extinct, the full 7″ has been put on antagonistic display for the ditch-dredgers of humanity to endure courtesy of Decibel Magazine.

A segment of the brief Decibel interrogation of simian masterfuck of BOSS KONG, focusing specifically on the B-side Vietnam flashback single, “Viet Kong,” sees the brave mag scribe inquiring, “Who’s worse, music critics or the Vietcong?” Kong’s reply cuts to the dead heart of the matter, offering, “Not much difference, is there? They both pop out of their little holes when you least expect it and try to shoot you in the face. And they’re all Communists.”

Get your full dose of the BOSS KONG cross-examination and the full The Humans Soundtrack Vol. II via the cross-species investigators at Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

Once its wax supplies are sold out, The Humans Soundtrack Vol. II is out of print in a physical incarnation, but Bandcamp downloads can be placed HERE, and the remaining mailorder physical copies HERE.

The Humans Soundtrack Volume II 7″ was created solely for Record Store Day 2015 in a limited, one-time-only run of orange/gold vinyl, the bloody slab’s exclusive cover art and insert art created by creator Tom Neely (Henry and Glenn Forever) for extra scene points. Fans of Boris, Deathspell Omega, and Sonic Youth, this sounds nothing fucking like that. Set in the late 1960s/early ’70s, “The Humans” is a book about an all-simian biker gang from Bakersfield, California, drinking, fighting, and fucking their way through the turbulent world around them. BOSS KONG is one of the book’s more popular, interesting characters and this installment of the soundtrack series tells tales from the perspective of an ape that’s seen inhumanities both abroad and on the home front. Voiced by a mystery metal figurehead and performed by a cast of mystery stoner rockers, part of the fun of this 7″ is trying to figure out who’s behind the music itself. Once revisiting the glory days, two new hash-pipe nightmare rocker jams await, spreading the rampaging demoralization of the Tet Offensive onto coked-up mullet debauchery on The Humans Soundtrack Volume II, like Ponyboy Curtis ten years after he went from gold to crushed Milwaukee aluminum, now leading the outcasts from the Planet Of The Apes into full-on bar-brawl burnout turf of the metal underworld.