DAVID HALL: Handshake Inc. Director To Debut Two Short Films In 360-Degree Viewing At NYC May Event

London, Ontario-based Handshake Inc. co-owner and independent film/video director, David Hall, is in the final stages of completing two short films which are to be debuted in New York City as part of a special gallery event in early May.

Set to take place at The Made in the New York Media Gallery, the new mini films from David Hall will be premiered as part of Examining Darkness on May 7th, the works specifically constructed to be projected on the gallery’s 360 degree projector and screen setup. This massive screen wraps around the entire gallery, and the viewers are immersed in a fully surrounded visual experience. The two brand new films Hall will have included in the exhibit are titled, “Mother Satan, Don’t Turn Out The Light” and “The Puberty Of Big John Christ.” Mick Barr (Krallice, Orthrelm) wrote original music scored specifically for the films, utilizing such instruments as 12-string banjo and violin, and will be performing live at the opening gala on May 7th. The exhibits will remain in place through May 29th.

Additional info on David Hall and the other artists taking part in this Examining Darkness installation can be found at the event page HERE, and also below.

David Hall has created official videos for a plethora of bands including Fuck The Facts, Brutal Truth, From Ashes Rise, Sigh, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Bastard Noise, Today Is The Day, LAE, Misery Index, Pyrrhon, Total Fucking Destruction and many others. Handshake’s film credits include “Axis Of Eden: The Feature Film,” “Disgorge, Mexico The Movie,” “Maryland Deathfest: The Movie,” “Maryland Deathfest: The Movie II,” “Maryland Deathfest: The Movie III,” “Decibel Magazine’s 100th Show: The Movie,” “When the Screams Come: Pentagram Live,” “Sexually Frustrated Satanic Landscapes,” and “Rwake: A Stone, A Leaf, An Unfound Door.” Most recently, Handshake completed concert films for Venom, Melvins and Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals. And, Handshake Inc. created projection shows for the Australian band Portal, and Salt Lake City’s Subrosa. Handhake Inc. also publishes books, releases albums and much more.

Examining Darkness:
Even on the brightest days, darkness often surrounds us. Whether it’s internalized feelings of turmoil or external shadows encroaching, it can be a struggle to escape. But if we pause to examine that darkness, beauty often emerges. It’s those moments that make our sometimes-painful excursions into that darkness both rewarding and life-affirming.

The artists whose works are featured here all approach this darkness in different ways, but the outcome is always cathartic and cleansing, presenting a renewed sense of faith in the self and the organic order of nature.

David Hall’s video work utilizes colors and layered effects to illuminate the harsh realities of life. Alex Schaefer’s manipulated photography places the artist himself into each piece, externalizing an inner battle for sanity. Polynoid’s motion graphics pieces focus on transformation and the move from isolation to integration. Susi Sie’s creations elucidate light and dark in the natural world around us, intermingling and juxtaposing different forms and materials.

Curated by Thomas D. Rotenberg, a writer, video artist, and curator based in Brooklyn. His films have played at festivals across the country and he previously curated Standard Model Catastrophes, Josh Graham’s career retrospective that was on display at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP throughout December of 2014.

Participating Artists & Work:

David Hall: Mother Satan, Don’t Turn Out The Light (2015), The Puberty Of Big John Christ (2015)

Alex Schaefer: Damages (2014-2015)

Polynoid: 458nm (2006), Mem (2009), Loom (2010)

Susi Sie: Black (2011), Float (2011), Emergence (2012), Silk (2013), Soundscapes (2013), Cymatics (2013), Echoes (2015)

There will be a special, one-time-only performance by composer Mick Barr, playing his scores to David Hall’s two films, during the opening reception on May 7th at 7:30pm.