BLACKOUT: NYC Psychedelic Doom Makers Get Achored At Pitchfork; New Track Streaming

Today, the gatekeepers at Pitchfork shake some pavement with a premiere of “Anchor,” from NYC psychedelic doom makers, BLACKOUT. Perfectly loud, trippy, and fuzzed-out, the tune comes by way of the trio’s forthcoming We Are Here debut, slated for release later this month. Recorded at Vacation Island Studio with engineer/producer Rob Laakso (Diamond Nights, Swirlies, Kurt Vile), the red-eyed, six-track beast of long player has been reaping praise from fans and critics nationally for its inexorable riff worship and planet rupturing bottom-end.

Commended for the, “endless dirge of huge, all-encompassing, impossibly fuzz-ridden heavy psych riffs, and crowned by windswept warbles a la Saturnalia Temple,” by Pitchfork, “Anchor” serves as the latest taste of an offering sure to shake the teeth right out of your face. Check it out at THIS LOCATION.

Additionally you can still sample “Amnesia,” currently streaming at the Obelisk HERE.

We Are Here will be unleashed independently on October 25, 2013. To celebrate, team BLACKOUT will be collapsing the stage of the Acheron in Brooklyn during a special record release show with additional riff rituals to be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

10/25/2013 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ Hector’s Pets, Balam, Jovian Drifts

“From Christian Gordy’s vocals that feel like a sonic projection of an out-of-body experience, to Taryn Waldman’s steady, dependable percussion, to Justin Sherrell’s enormous bass tone, Blackout are definitely more focused on crafting a gigantic sound than technical wizardry. To me, that’s how doom should be: Creating music so massive you can’t fathom its source. I’ll definitely pay to see BLACKOUT play again, and after you creeps give We Are Here a listen I hope you’ll be there.” – Mister Growl

“[BLACKOUT] show up with big riffs, big stomp, and underpinnings of quirk that give their unabashed tonal weight a sense that’s both lighthearted in not taking itself too seriously and a huge part of what makes the album overall so effective. Copping influence from stoner heavyweights like the Melvins and Sleep – easy comparisons to make, but true all the same – BLACKOUT might read on the surface like Riffy Brand X, but there’s more to We are Here than sonic redundancies and tonal largesse.” – The Obelisk

“Loaded with screeches, twitches, and six hits of heady fuzz, We Are Here moves between massive sludge rhythms, ashy stoner passages, and sparse pockets of simplified doom. Present throughout is a rubbery weirdness, a sporadic psychedelia that sways as much as it stomps. The sound is true and solid, evidenced by the band’s approach. There’s no over-thinking here; just three heavy-hitters, their seasoned sounds, and what is quite obviously a basement littered with cans and bottles.” – HeavyPlanet