HARM WÃœLF: Deathwish Prepares To Release Debut Solo Recordings From Blacklisted Vocalist

Deathwish has announced the street date for There’s Honey In The Soil So We Wait For The Till — the debut LP from HARM WÃœLF, the solo musical endeavor of G. Hirsch — as the label prepares to release the album on digital and 12″ vinyl formats on October 29th.

A project that stands in heavy contrast from his own active band — Hirsch being the founding vocalist of Philadelphia act Blacklisted — the delivery of HARM WÃœLF bears virtually no assimilation to the hardcore and punk vibes of said acts. Instead, an unusual, emotive blend of rock, folk and experimental styles of Americana coalesce into a solidly unique, eclectic style, as captured on the nine tracks of There’s Honey In The Soil So We Wait For The Till.

Today a new anthem from the LP is released, as American Aftermath hosts a stream of the second track, “Silk Soul,” now playing AT THIS LOCATION.

The album’s sixth track, “Spectrum Blues,” is also playing RIGHT HERE.

Preorders for the album via iTunes are available HERE and the 12″ LP HERE.

From a vagabond spirit rooted within dissimilar worlds, but both yielding a dim outlook, HARM WÃœLF perpetuates a vagabond emotiveness; a non-complacent style of America. Fusing elements from multiple genres and eras into something both classic and contemporary, HARM WÃœLF is the bedroom musical entity of G. Hirsch. A collection of songs which touch upon the dark and rustic themes of solitude and aging disappointment, songs inspired by a wide range of artists, from the tranquil resonance of Low, rhythmic acoustic strumming of Strength Through Joy and the ascending power of Angels Of Light, to the insular, grotesque Americana of Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O’Connor. At most times the passages are sparse and austere, others are apocalyptically orchestrated, the album intertwining elements of sadness and strength, and casting a foreboding outlook on tomorrow. “I think the album is a lot about my experiences traveling so much and never really settling down or rooting myself for a long period of time,” creator G. Hirsch humbly offers. “Once I did settle down a bit I kind of just wrote the album in my apartment not really expecting anyone to ever listen to it let alone want to listen to it. It’s just something I felt I needed to do.”

Following a set of West Coast live appearances opening for Nails, Xibalba, Power Trip and others earlier this year, among sporadic live appearances around Philly over the past few months, HARM WÃœLF will occasionally hit the stage over the coming months including a hometown show next week supporting King Dude.

10/21/2013 Boot & Saddle – Philadelphia, PA w/ King Dude