ATLANTEAN KODEX: Expansive Video Trailer Posted; Anticipated Second Album Out Next Week

As the anticipated second album from German epic metal heroes, ATLANTEAN KODEX, is now just one week away, today the band have unveiled a video trailer for The White Goddess (A Grammar Of Poetic Myth). The extensive video merges an incredible amount of random footage and clips from a wide array of religious and occult themed movies and artwork combined with lyrics and artwork from the brilliant new album, band photos and more. The multi-faceted visual depiction is of course backed by the soaring and empowering music culled from each song on the massive studio opus.

Witness “The White Goddess – Final Teaser” now AT THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, Revolver Magazine is hosting a stream of the album’s anthem “Sol Invictus (With Faith and Fire)” RIGHT HERE

The White Goddess (A Grammar Of Poetic Myth) is officially on the streets of North America next Tuesday, October 1st via 20 Buck Spin; the label has the CD available for purchase now HERE, with the mammoth 2xLP version to follow shortly after. Outside of North America, Germany’s Ván Records is handling the vinyl edition while Italy’s Cruz Del Sur has the CD release.

Self-described as falling somewhere between Twilight of the Gods-era Bathory, early Ross The Boss-era Manowar and other classic US bands like Fates Warning, Cirith Ungol and Warlord, ATLANTEAN KODEX retains a singular modernity and heaviness via their incredible production and recording technique, and through singer Markus Becker, who has the naturally blessed pipes to rival the best heavy metal vocalists past or present. There is no irony or pretense going on in their music; ATLANTEAN KODEX plays deeply reverent and devoted metal with an emphasis on superior, timeless songcraft. Continuing on 2010’s universally-praised The Golden Bough, ATLANTEAN KODEX has built upon their sound to achieve an album like no other released in 2013. Many bands and labels lay claim to the word “epic” to describe a particular band’s sound but on The White Goddess, their name becomes synonymous with the term in a way very bands ever manage. Drawing from traditional heavy metal, doom and Norse metal influences, The White Goddess achieves the bands strongest songwriting, lyrics, vocal performance and production yet, already nearly without equal on their previous LP.

“The White Goddess is a polished look at how to innovatively advance antediluvian metal principles into a modern work of epic grandeur. If we must begrudgingly take a front-row seat to the decaying “progression” of civilization, why not watch the curtain fall while listening to something that makes you feel as if you’re soaring above the collapse. 9/10″ – Last Rites

“…it’s impossible to deny the sheer scale of the bands vision and the uncompromising belief behind it. 8/10” – Decibel

“…it’s one of those records where you close your eyes and you’re transported to whatever place is being portrayed at that spot in the tune. It’s getting to the point where Atlantean Kodex is stealing the term “epic” for themselves as there is just nothing in recent memory that’s on such a grand scale… Atlantean Kodex might very well be one of the best bands of this generation. 10/10″ – Popdose

“I started writing reviews for The Metal Crypt in 2008 (with over 600 written as of this review) and I’ve never given a 5+/5 score. Until now. And that score hardly seems to do The White Goddess justice as it is far and away better than almost everything else I’ve heard in that time. The White Goddess IS Epic Heavy Metal. 5+/5” – The Metal Crypt

“The production is great and atmospheric, the musicians are top notch, the lyrics are perhaps the best written the genre has seen in a while and it’s very epic, perhaps too much. This is still the best Epic Metal album of 2013, I, without certain restraints, welcome the new reigning kings to their throne. 9/10” – The Metal Observer