GIANT SPIDER: Debut EP From New York City Sci-Fi Metal/Crossover Trio Out Today; Full-Length In The Works

“…a new trio that consists of New York City/Long Island scene veterans on their latest mission to make heavy and fucked-up music.” – Decibel Magazine

New York’s GIANT SPIDER delivers their gnarled debut EP, out today and streaming everywhere.

GIANT SPIDER unites three veterans of the NYC and Long Island extreme music underground scene, infusing influences from across the heavy underground spectrum all baked into a radioactive atmosphere. Bassist/vocalist Richard Muller (Vise Massacre, The Last Crime, The Third Kind) conveys a fetid and obscure atmosphere of gloom through his bloodsoaked roars and filthy low-end salvo, drummer James Baldassano (Show No Mercy, Hostile Intent) delivers a thundering rhythmic attack loaded with earworm fills and rapid hooks, and guitarist Tom Meehan (Morbid Curiosity, Summary Execution) concocts guitar riffs that emanate the energy of radioactive waste. Hook-laden dissonant riffage and dreary harmonies bleed into a malformed Frankensteinian bastard of metal, punk, and hardcore while immersing the listener in tales of sci-fi and horror fantasy.

Delivering the tracks “3 Moons” and “Exit Plan,” the EP was engineered by Taras Apuzzo (All Out War, The Third Kind) who also supplies a searing guitar solo to “Exit Plan.” The crushing production quality perfectly captures the infectious yet atmospheric songwriting of GIANT SPIDER. A creeped-out and dizzying video for “Exit Plan” was directed by David Brenner (Gridfailure, Diminishing), showcasing the band’s infatuation with haunting horror and science fiction.

Stream/download GIANT SPIDER’s debut EP at Bandcamp HERE, find the album on all other streaming platforms HERE, and watch the “Exit Plan” video HERE.

GIANT SPIDER will take the new songs to the stage live this Summer, and the band is immersed in the writing process for their debut LP.