WORDS OF FAREWELL: Debut Album Nears North American Release Via AFM

German progressive death metal division WORDS OF FAREWELL will celebrate the North American release of their debut full-length Immersion via AFM Records on May 15th, following its successful European release in March.

Following two small releases in 2008, the band lay silent release-wise until now, having spent an incredible amount of time over the past few years writing, rehearsing, perfecting the songs that would become their first album, now realized with Immersion., In January WORDS OF FAREWELL signed with AFM Records for the release of their debut masterpiece. Bringing to mind acts like Dark Tranquillity, Scar Symmetry or Insomnium at times, Immersion is a piece of work that displays international class, with early European media referring to the release as one of the most exciting metal debuts to emerge from the German scene.

Now with Immersion becoming readily available to an entire new fanbase in North America this is just the beginning for this young, dedicated act.

Immersion Track Listing:
1. Project Daybreak
2. Ever After
3. End Of Transmission
4. On Second Thought
5. Auriga
6. The Great Escape
7. Urban Panorama
8. Sorae
9. Vagrant Story
10. Sundown Serenade

Alexander Otto – vocals
Erik Gaßmus – guitar
Henrik Tschierschky – guitar
Nils Urginus – bass
Jonas Wübbe – drums
Leo Wichmann – keyboards