WINTERFYLLETH: New Track Streaming At Pitchfork

Today Pitchfork hosts the exclusive premiere of “The Fate of Souls After Death” from UK black metal horde WINTERFYLLETH. The track comes off the band’s forthcoming The Threnody of Triumph full-length, which was recorded in Wales with producer Chris Fielding (Primordial, Electric Wizard). WINTERFYLLETH‘s consistently passionate, anthemic black metal is inspired by the history, heritage and the landscapes of England.

Comments guitarist/vocalist C. Naughton: “‘The Fate of Souls…’ is probably one of the darker songs we have written as a band. Its concept is self evident from its title in that it is about what happens to the soul after death and how the essence of a human is transported onwards. The song is a personal favorite and may be a bit of a curveball in terms of the usual WINTERFYLLETH sound. The riffs are darker and more swirling, the vocals are probably the gruffest I have recorded and the vibe is quite off kilter and a little more progressive than some of our other material. I hope you enjoy it.”

Adds Pitchfork: “About halfway through ‘The Fate of Souls After Death,’ a late-album highlight from The Threnody of Triumph… the band slows the black-metal pummel upon which the track has depended. The drums drop into a half-time march, and the guitars relax their harsh roar, riffs etching harmonies against a background wall of distortion. But don’t coast into reverie quite yet: WINTERFYLLETH break the séance with fury, panic screams, and united-in-rage guitars that clash with the blurred drums for a perfect, primal burnout. The antiphonal, fast-slow-fast structure is a familiar trick of so-called atmospheric black metal; WINTERFYLLETH just work to ensure that the atmosphere is as damaged as possible.”

Check out “The Fate of Souls After Death” HERE.

Formed in 2007, WINTERFYLLETH features Naughton with drummer S. Lucas, guitarist M. Wood, and bassist N. Wallwork. The Threnody of Triumph is the band’s third full-length and is scheduled for North American release via Candlelight Record on September 25. In a perfect 10/10 rating Blistering notes: “WINTERFYLLETH have not only created their best work to date but are also sitting on one of the best releases of the year. Releases like this are incredibly rare, for this is art in its purest form. A threnody of triumph indeed, perhaps more than the band ever realized,” while Stereogum commends the band for their: “sweeping, melodic grandeur and instrumental intricacies, which employ the standard black metal tools of screeched vocals, staccato guitars, and blast beat drums, but combine them with classical English instrumentation, creating something vast, inviting, and beautiful.” Adds This Is Not A Scene in a review that made’s Album Of The Day: “WINTERFYLLETH cement their standing as one of England’s most dynamic and interesting black metal acts.”