HEARTLESS Confirm Fall European Assault

Pittsburgh hardcore warriors HEARTLESS dropped their debut full-length Hell Is Other People via Southern Lord last year, and following brutal spurts of US touring over the past two years, will assault now European audiences this Fall.

HEARTLESS‘ sound is exactly what their moniker implies; brutal, suffocating, and void of remorse. The band produces bellowing mayhem reminiscent of metallic hardcore in the vein of Integrity, Cursed or Nails, yet rushing with crust/powerviolence intensity. Hell Is Other People propels thirteen intense tracks at the listener in barely twenty-one minutes.

Experience the cruelty of Hell Is Other People via the HEARTLESS Bandcamp.

“#1 Hardcore Album Of 2011.” – Cvlt Nation

“…a malignant force of punishing grinding, sludgy hardcore… This band is absolutely pulverizing in every way possible. Sit back and get a dose of Heartless, bitches. 10/10” – American Aftermath

“…dark, driving hardcore that has definitely taken a page from Nails and Cursed with the energy of a new band hungry to get ahead of the pack.” – Blow The Scene

“…a fucking monster. The debut by the Pittsburgh outfit channels and condenses all that’s mangled, discordant, desolate, and suicidally triumphant about Rust Belt hardcore, from Negative Approach to Integrity.” – The Onion’s A.V. Club

“Their sound is a blatant example of truth in advertising; completely void of compassion and anything resembling niceties.” – Music Emissions

HEARTLESS 2012 European Tour:
10/02/2012 Indigo Glocksee – Hannover, Germany @ Unhappy Krautday Festival
10/03/2012 AJZ – Neubrandenburg, Germany
10/04/2012 PKK – Schwerin, Germany
10/05/2012 Köpi – Berlin, Germany
10/06/2012 Gerber 3 – Weimar, Germany
10/07/2012 TBA – Prague, Czech Republic
10/09/2012 Rote Flora – Hamburg, Germany
10/10/2012 Baracke – Münster, Germany
10/11/2012 Lintfabriek 82 – Antwerpen, Belgium
10/12/2012 Onderbroek – Nijmengen, Netherlands
10/13/2012 Bloodshed Fest #13 – Eindhoven, Netherlands w/ Dropdead, Wolfbrigade
10/14/2012 The Pits – Kortrijk, Belgium
10/15/2012 Downtown Diner – Ashford, UK
10/16/2012 Olives Café – Norwich, UK
10/17/2012 The Captain´s Rest – Glasgow, Scotland w/ No Island, Prelude To The Hunt
10/18/2012 Auntie Annies – Belfast, Ireland
10/19/2012 TBA – Galway, Ireland w/ Drainland
10/20/2012 The Pint – Dublin, Ireland w/ Drainland
10/21/2012 Wharf Chambers – UK, Leeds
10/22/2012 The Croft – Bristol, UK
10/23/2012 Black Heart – London, UK
10/24/2012 Emporium Galorium – Rouen, France
10/25/2012 TBA – Paris, France
10/26/2012 TBA – Besancon, France w/ Geranium, Post War Depression
10/27/2012 Hirscheneck – Basel, Switzerland w/ Umor, Agent Of Kaos
10/28/2012 TBA – Bologna, Italy
10/29/2012 Lofi – Milano, Italy
10/30/2012 Sub – Graz, Austria
10/31/2012 Venster 99 – Wien, Austria
11/01/2012 Kapu – Liz, Austria w/ Ruined Families, Throwers
11/02/2012 Vegalite Café – Brno, Czech Republic
11/03/2012 TBA – Krakow, Poland
11/04/2012 Variete – Zdunska Wola, Poland
11/05/2012 Strefa Zero – Wroclaw, Poland
11/06/2012 TBA – Czech Republic/Germany
11/07/2012 Atari – Leipzig, Germany w/ I Not Dance
11/09/2012 AZ – Aachen, Germany
11/10/2012 AK44 – Giessen, Germany w/ Planks