WARMEN: Finnish Metal Powerhouse Unleashes Here For None Full-Length Today Via Reaper Entertainment!

Photo by Marek Sabogal

Here For None, the new album from Finnish metal powerhouse featuring Janne Wirman (Children Of Bodom) is out now worldwide via Reaper Entertainment!

Here For None heralds a new era. True to the motto, “The king is dead, long live the king, WARMEN is not only headed towards heavier shores musically due to the band’s updated lineup, but it can also be said with justification that WARMEN is taking on the musical legacy of Wirman’s former band in a spectacular way.

“I will always be Janne from Bodom. That’s okay with me. I’m happy about it and I don’t have to hide my past. I also see that as a positive thing for WARMEN,” Wirman notes of his good reputation and the attention he gets within the metal scene. Together with his brother Antti Wirman and longtime friend Jyri Helko, the trio has recuited Seppo Tarvainen on drums as well as Petri Lindroos (Ensiferum) on vocals to make Here For None a true masterpiece of melodic death metal.

The band comments, “We are not only super excited about the release of the new album that we are so proud of but also about the fact that the album release show [took place] at the great Summer Breeze festival!”

Here For None is available on vinyl, digipak CD, and digital formats at THIS LOCATION.

Watch WARMEN’s previously released video for “Hell On Four Wheels,” “Warmen Are Here For None,” the band’s making of “Hell On Four Wheels” clip, and two album trailers at THIS LOCATION.

“Here For None illustrates a quintet content to deliver neoclassical-oriented melodic death metal that is as catchy as it is progressive, not an easy feat in today’s scene.” – Dead Rhetoric

“With each track, WARMEN artfully navigates a diverse rollercoaster ride of an album, ensuring that Here For None not only stands as a worthy listening experience but also a testament to the band’s enduring legacy.” – Tuonela

“God knows there’s plenty of Bodom worship to be found out there, and damned if there isn’t a lot of really good stuff that falls under that category – but none can claim with real sincerity to be the real McCoy to the extent WARMEN can. So go ahead and raise a glass for Alexi and give this one the full blast it deserves.” – Teeth Of The Divine

“…a refreshed sound that is more aggressive, (a bit) slower, and yet more cohesive and equally enjoyable… high-octane, technically challenging, and overall awesome.” – Infernal Masquerade

“Armed with new members, a new musical outlook, and new energy, Here For None comfortably cements the band as a force to be reckoned with and one which has the potential to create incredible music for many years to come.” – Metal Wani

Janne Wirman – keyboards
Petri Lindroos – vocals
Antti Wirman – guitar
Jyri Helko – bass
Seppo Tarvainen – drums