TRANSIENT: Debut LP From Portland Grind Squad To See Release Via Six Weeks Records

Blasting out of the rainy back-alleys of the Pacific Northwest, grindcore quartet TRANSIENT is preparing to ram their latest barrage of blast-laden dissent down your greedy throats, in the form of their debut self-titled LP.

The band recorded at Soundhouse Studio with Brandon Fitzsimmons (Wormwood) and shipped the volatile masters out to Airport Grocery Studio for the mixing process. The terminal Transient is a penetrating, caustic, earthmoving grind/punk attack, carrying out sixteen acts of audio attrition in just over twenty minutes. Appropriately, this hyper, potent material will now see TRANSIENT listed among the ranks of Plutocracy, Capitalist Casualties, Magrudergrind, Voetsek, Catheter and endless others, as Transient sees release this September 10th on the notorious Six Weeks Records roster. Stay tuned for new tunes and other data on the record to make its way into the media in the coming weeks.

TRANSIENT is comprised of an overactive set of grindfreaks, all of whom hail from additional bands, — founding bassist Adam Wilson (Night Nurse), guitarist Stefan Thompson (Shitty Weekend), drummer Jesse Schreibman (Murmurs, Black Hole Of Calcutta) and founding vocalist Krysta Martinez who also now fills the vocal position for Arizona crew Landmine Marathon. Since 2008 the Portland-based squad has dropped a barrage of ordinance on the scene through an impressive arsenal of releases as well as on the road with a massive amount of touring regionally and across the country. Their attack has been immortalized through a now mostly out-of-print set of releases including a 7″, a CDEP, and splits with Manias, Superbad, This Runs On Blood, The Communion and most recently a split 7″ with Elitist, out on Relapse. They’ve toured alongside many of the same bands and more, and have shared the stage with a shit-ton of bands most notably naming Pig Destroyer, Brujeria, Magrudergrind, Brutal Truth, Unholy Grave, Ludicra, Capitalist Casualties, Poison Idea, Skarp among countless others. Amidst their 2011 US tour with Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire another car blasted into the band’s van, seriously injuring several members. After a bit of recovery TRANSIENT took back to the streets alongside Theories, then again with Jesus Fucking Christ, after which they began focusing on material for their first full-length release, Transient.

A band who promises not to sit idly by will announce new batches of tour dates in the coming weeks.