TOTALED: “Desolate” Single Now Streaming; Lament Debut LP By Blackened Hardcore Outfit Nears March Release Through Profound Lore + Preorders Posted

[photo by Nick Hancock]

Profound Lore is preparing the introductory wrath from blackened hardcore outfit TOTALED for release in late March, with the new outfit’s debut album, Lament. Advancing its release, the barren tones of new album single “Desolate” has been posted for streaming on all digital platforms, as preorders for the LP are also posted.

TOTALED materialized in 2017 and recorded its ferocious debut album, Lament. While lyrically ruminating in the abstract emptiness of an impervious void and grappling with paradoxical duality, the auditory gloom of Lament conjures sorrowing burial strings that furiously discharge into an onslaught of punishing resonance wrought with crushing despair, depression, and scavenging hopelessness. Pummeling blasts and d-beats pound into peripherally orbiting shadows of the pixelated black, beneath the pulverizing density of nihilistic bass distortion in a mournful offering of somber funeral strains; the digested celestial nothingness of the eaten, frozen in dimensions of cyclical nooses and gnawing bacterial ether. Conceived incarnations of sorrowful mists from the harvest bereave the morbid light in which we suffer.

Dispatching eight tracks in less than thirty-seven minutes, Lament is completed with ominous cover artwork by Andrew Tremblay.

Endure TOTALED’s “Desolate” through Bandcamp HERE and through all other digital platforms.

Profound Lore will release Lament on LP, CD, and digital platforms on March 29th. Preorders for the vinyl are now available HERE preorders for the CD and digital can be found HERE, and digital preorders can be found at Bandcamp where first single “Transience” is streaming HERE.

Watch for additional audio samples to be issued in the bleak weeks ahead.