TORTURE RACK: 20 Buck Spin To Release Malefic Humiliation Album By Portland Death Metal Act; “Masked In Leeches” Streaming At Metal Injection + Preorders Posted

20 Buck Spin presents the second full-length by Portland, Oregon’s TORTURE RACK, titled Malefic Humiliation. Confirmed for late May release, the album’s “Masked In Leeches” has been premiered at Metal Injection as the label posts preorders for the record.

The Pacific Northwest continues to be a stronghold for relevant new death metal in 2018 with TORTURE RACK among the few that are leading the pack. Malefic Humiliation captures the savagery for which their live shows have become the stuff of legend; subtlety bludgeoned, beaten, and hacked to nothing but a red mess of leftovers. With a lineup that includes members of labelmates Witch Vomit, TORTURE RACK carves out their mark in the festering corpse of the Northwest on Malefic Humiliation, bashing through nine tracks in just under thirty minutes. “Mace Face,” “Corpse Revenge,” and “Destined For Dogmeat” are not for the faint of heart, and the vile cover art by Sebastian Mazuera (Crurifragium, Warpvomit, Imprecation) makes real the sole intention for TORTURE RACK: barbarism.

Metal Injection is now streaming Malefic Humiliation‘s third track “Masked In Leeches,” stating of the band’s output, “A big, rolling rhythm consumes much of this track; distorted guitars and thunderous drums make this Autopsy-esque music feel like a literal autopsy. This quartet amongst many other death metal bands in the Pacific Northwest is making a lot of noise right now; make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled–or they’ll peel them for you.”

Unleash “Masked In Leeches” at Metal Injection RIGHT HERE.

A must-hear for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Engorged, Lord Gore, Scorched, Witch Vomit, Fetid, Mortician, and Morpheus Descends, TORTURE RACK‘s Malefic Humiliation sees release on CD and digital platforms on May 25th; find preorders at the 20 Buck Spin webshop HERE and Bandcamp where the track “Festering Castration” is streaming HERE.

Parasitic Records will release the album on vinyl (including a 20 Buck Spin mailorder color variant) and Headsplit Records will release the cassette.

Having appeared throughout the Northwest and in 2017 made their East Coast debut at Maryland Deathfest, TORTURE RACK is set to crush in 2018 with their first ever Europe appearances including the massively anticipated return of Killtown Deathfest.

Malefic Humiliation Track Listing:
1. Festering Castration
2. Mace Face
3. Masked In Leeches
4. Corpse Revenge
5. Slave To The Savage
6. Found In Feces
7. Lurking In The Undercroft
8. Destined For Dogmeat
9. Sweltering In Gore