TODAY IS THE DAY: Live At The Whisky A Go-Go Now Available Through All Digital Providers Via Frontman Steve Austin’s SuperNova Records

TODAY IS THE DAY today presents Live At The Whisky A Go-Go across all digital providers through frontman Steve Austin’s newly revamped SuperNova Records, where the band’s entire thirteen-LP catalog has recently been reissued.

TODAY IS THE DAY‘s Temple Of The Morning Star LP was a groundbreaking and legendary record that set the world on fire and changed the way people thought about extreme music upon its release in 1997. Written by Steve Austin, who at the time was living in a warehouse and staying warm by a kerosene heater, the record details a dark, tragic, suicidal journal into throws of madness. Steve hit the road with album-lineup keyboardist/bassist Chris Reeser and Drummer Brad Elrod in support of the album in the Spring of 1998, laying down a decimating barrage of auditory destruction at every show.

Live At The Whisky A Go-Go is a historic moment in music capturing the fiery performance that the band threw down at one of the most famous hard music clubs in the USA. The set included a bulb of material from Temple Of The Morning Star as well as cuts from the Willpower and Today Is The Day LPs. Raw and confrontational, this recording is nothing short of pure sonic destruction. Captured in multi-track at the venue, the original recording has just been remastered in Analog and Hi-Definition 24-Bit Audio by Austin at his studio in Orland, Maine. Everything from the explosive grinder “Crutch” to the eviscerating noise of “My First Knife” pummels relentlessly, transporting the listener back in time and “at the show” in spirit. No overdubs, no sonic trickery; this is a well-rehearsed militant attack on the senses, both frightening and beautiful all at the same time.

Live at The Whisky A Go-Go shows why TODAY IS THE DAY is considered one of the most powerfully creative bands to ever take the stage. Steve Austin’s hardened ballistic guitar playing slams you over the head and then cuts you in half with switchblade surgical precision. Brad Elrod’s unique and innovative drumming style is all over the place, creating chaos at every turn. All the while Chris Reeser’s subsonic low-end detonations and freaked out sampling just adds on to the intense delivery of the band’s unique sound. If you weren’t lucky enough to be able to catch the Temple Of The Morning Star tour back during its release, do yourself a favor: get some life insurance and rip this record. You’re going to need it.

Find Live at The Whisky A Go-Go in a discounted deal with TODAY IS THE DAY’s entire catalog at the SuperNova Records Bandcamp RIGHT HERE.

The catalog is also available at iTunes HERE, Spotify HERE, and Apple Music HERE.

Initially the label name Austin used to release the How To Win Friends And Influence People demo in 1992, SuperNova Records was most prevalent in the late 1990s and early 2000s, releasing a wide array of independent artists. The label now reemerges in full-time capacity, uniting TODAY IS THE DAY‘s records under one roof. Having just reissued the band’s thirteen studio albums across all digital platforms, and the catalog will also be reissued in physical incarnations alongside additional back-catalog titles, live albums, previously unreleased live and studio recordings, and more. TODAY IS THE DAY will release a new album through SuperNova in 2022 alongside albums from other new signings and artists.

Live at The Whisky A Go-Go Track Listing:
1. Crutch
2. High As The Sky
3. Pinnacle
4. Hermaphrodite
5. Kai Piranha
6. Bugs Death March
7. Willpower
8. My First Knife
9. The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself
10. Blindspot
11. Miracle

Live at The Whisky A Go-Go Lineup:
Chris Reeser – bass/keys
Brad Elrod – drums/percussion
Steve Austin – vocals/guitar/electronics