THE KENNEDY VEIL: Sacramento Death Metal Legion To Release Trinity Of Falsehood This January

In 2009, the world bore witness to a whole new brand of brutality. Ascending from the depths of the Northern California Valley, THE KENNEDY VEIL unleashed upon the scene their own fanatical perspective of American death metal. A quartet composed of Casey Childers (ex-Forktung), Gabe Seeber (Alterbeast, Decrepit Birth, ex-Wretched Dawn), Cody Walker (ex-Skribble) and Shawn Peterson, THE KENNEDY VEIL recorded their first album, The Sentence of Their Conqueror, with engineer Josh Williams at Metal Works Studios, and released a compilation of eight visceral tracks which quickly grabbed the attention of the metal underground. With the release of this album, the band played shows relentlessly with legendary acts such as Cephalic Carnage, Exhumed, Cattle Decapitation, Macabre, Decrepit Birth, Origin, Divine Heresy and Abysmal Dawn.

In 2012, THE KENNEDY VEIL went to work on writing the follow up to The Sentence of Their Conqueror and prepared an onslaught of hostile yet dynamic tracks that would come together in the form of Trinity Of Falsehood – a doctrine that will enslave the ears of the lawless and govern the damned into a frenzy of panic. It is an eleven-track offering with an aggressive and unrelenting attitude. The album brings back a familiarity of big choruses and bludgeoning drums, but places its focus on structure.

Notes the band in a collective statement, “We all feel that this album is exactly how we intended it to be and carries a much greater weight and impact which will lead us to be a formidable band in the death metal community and we, as THE KENNEDY VEIL, stand firm in the belief that our disciples will enthusiastically devour this new evolution of our sound.”

Trinity Of Falsehood will be released worldwide on January 21, 2014 via Unique Leader Records. Further info, including track listing, teasers and live assaults, to be announced in the coming weeks.