THE HOUSE OF CAPRICORN: New Zealand-based Cult Rockers To Unleash New Album

New Zealand-based cult rockers THE HOUSE OF CAPRICORN are readying to unleash their

sophomore full-length, In The Devil’s Days. The follow-up to 2010’s Sign Of The Cloven Hoof offers up ten tracks of apocalyptic devil rock. Delving deeper into the dark territories touched upon within …Cloven Hoof, with a greater lean towards graveyard doom and deathrock, In The Devil’s Days is themed around a spiritual pilgrimage into Hell to meet the Lord of Flies, to understand and outline the infernal mechanism, and to witness the revelations that come with His rebirth in the great Morning Star. All of this is enshrouded in a thin veil of the pessimistic, dark cynicism and black humor that underpins antipodean culture.

In The Devil’s Days will be released via Swamps Of One Tree Hill on October 13, 2011.

In The Devil’s Days Track Listing:
01. All Hail to the Netherworld
02. Les Innocents
03. Coffins & Cloven Hooves
04. Arcane Delve
05. Canto IV
06. Veils
07. To Carry the Lantern
08. Illumination in Omega
09. Horns
10. In the Devil’s Days

THE HOUSE OF CAPRICORN manifested in the early 2000s in the swamps below One Tree Hill, Auckland, New Zealand. 2005 saw the release of the first demo (The Rivers And The Rain/Old Redhook), and in subsequent years an EP (The Rivers And The Rain – 2006) and samplers (Solis Hail Summer Sampler – 2007, Sign Of The Cloven Hoof – 2009), intermingled with frequent shows and national tours and having a strong hand in assembling and spearheading the New Zealand stoner/doom rock community. In 2010, the band’s debut album Sign Of The Cloven Hoof was released — the culmination of the bands history — to positive response both locally and internationally Sign Of The Cloven Hoof was album which drew heavily on stoner rock and doom, as well as an occult, antiquated aesthetic.!/thehouseofcapricorn