MORKOBOT: Revolutionary Italian Riff Manglers Now Streaming Entire Fourth LP

Since the dawn of the first galaxies, the voice of MORKOBOT has resounded solemn over the saturated atmospheres of the planets in evolution. Dominator of the magnetic strengths and ancestral regulator of the conscience flows, MORKOBOT has returned to the Earth through his three messengers Lin, Lan, Len, brutally subdued to his will.

MORKOBOT is a totally suggestive instrumental sonic monster. A magmatic and liquid atmosphere lead the listener to a psychedelic and chaotic world in which vibrations become dense like glue, light and darkness are continuously turning in a nonstop changing lysergic noise. Musically, this Italian trio is the perfect mid-point between robotic mechanisms and organic humanity. From John Zorn to Black Sabbath, the Melvins vs. Dyse, Don Caballero meets Lightning Bolt in an alien delirium… this is MORKOBOT.

2011 presents MORKOBOT bringing forth their heaviest, most focused and adventurous music ever. Enter, Morbo — Latin for “disease.” Consisting of seven cacophonous songs in which the psychedelic attitude of the first trilogy of MORKOBOT‘s albums — Morkobot (2005), Mostro (2006), and Morto (2008) — Morbo is dried to expose the bones and nerves of a more intricate, but at the same time more straightforward and focused sound, as always skillfully assembled simply by two bass guitars and a drum kit, and devoid of vocals.

Stream the entire album at this location!

Morbo Track Listing:
1. Ultramorth
2. Orkotomb
3. Orbothord
4. Oktrombo
5. Mor
6. Oktomorb
7. Obrom

Morbo will infect the population of North America on October 25th via Italy’s Supernatural Cat Records, the label founded and owned by the members of Ufomammut and the Malleus Rock Art Collective, responsible for the release MORKOBOT‘s previous two albums as well. The label have just posted a preorder link for the limited edition LP pressing, as always designed and screened by hand via the Malleus clan, here.

MORKOBOT‘s European tour alongside labelmates UFOMAMMUT embarks tonight in Dresden Germany and continues into mid-October.

9/14/2011 GrooveStation – Dresden, Germany
9/15/2011 Festaal Kreuzberg – Berlin, Germany
9/16/2011 Stengade – Copenaghen, Denmark
9/17/2011 Inkonst – Malmo, Sweden
9/18/2011 Blitz – Oslo, Norway
9/19/2011 Truck Stop Alaska – Goteborg, Sweden
9/21/2011 Nuclear Night Club – Oulu, Finland
9/22/2011 Lutakko – Jyväskylä, Finland
9/23/2011 Yo-talo – Tampere, Finland
9/24/2011 Korjaamo – Helsinki, Finland
9/26/2011 Molotow – Hamburg, Germany
9/27/2011 Underground – Cologne, Germany
9/28/2011 013 – Tilburg, Netherlands
9/29/2011 Bastard Club – Osnabruck, Germany
9/30/2011 Baroeg – Rotterdam, Netherlands
10/01/2011 Het Depot – Leuven, Belgium
10/03/2011 The Croft – Bristol, UK
10/04/2011 The Well – Leeds, UK
10/05/2011 The Continental – Preston, UK
10/06/2011 Purple Turtle – London, UK
10/07/2011 Nouveau Casino – Paris, France
10/08/2011 Gaswerk – Winterthur, Switzerland
10/09/2011 Les Caves du Manoir – Martigny, Switzerland