THE BODY: Video Documents Mass Suicide Aftermath, Caustic Soundtrack

Deep in the rural vastness of the upper Northeastern region of the country, white birch and conifer bodies now mournfully envelop a most gruesome landscape. The crime lab sorts through the aftermath of the heinous ritual which ensued on this property the previous evening — an abhorrent mass suicide, likely devout to a faction, cause, or reasoning experts have not yet been able to establish.

As captured by those first on the scene, this appalling footage has been accompanied with the endtime preachings of none other than THE BODY, perpetrators of this atrocity, with coercion and guidance from thee director, Richard Rankin.

Witness these atrocities for yourself THROUGH THIS PORTAL TO NOISEY/VICE.

Master, We Perish was captured at Providence, Rhode Island-based Machines With Magnets (Battles, Daughters, Lightning Bolt, Chinese Stars). Blackened bursts of noise-drenched, low-fi doom are fueled by percussionist Lee Buford’s hypnotic, tribal rhythms via thunderous macaroni drums, the melee infiltrated by guitarist/vocalist Chip King’s penetrating vocal screech. The clan also recruited Leslie Weitz (Otesanek), Chrissy Wolpert (Assembly Of Light Choir) and Reba Mitchell (Whore Paint) for vocal contributions throughout the torrid endeavor adding an array of eerie dynamics to the songs. THE BODY will unleash Master, We Perish as a 12″ EP, CDEP, cassette and digital download on April 30th once again via At A Loss Recordings. Preorders can be placed here.