TELOCH VOVIN: NYC Occult Black Metal Coven Announces New Live Rituals; Limited EP Release Confirmed

Following nearly a year off the grid, their most recent performance having taken place at 2013’s Pestis Atra Aestas Rituale where they shared the stage with Negative Plane and Black Witchery, NYC-based black metal coven TELOCH VOVIN has just declared a rash of late Summer/early Autumn live rituals across the region, as well as new, impending recordings.

First up, TELOCH VOVIN will join Lord Almighty, Occultation, Nexul and Black Witchery at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar on September 12th. The following night they’ll travel south for their first live invasion of Philadelphia, sharing the stage with Pissgrave, Nexul, Krieg and Black Witchery. One week later, TELOCH VOVIN will join the festivities at Wrath Of The Goat 3 Fest in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the fest running through Friday, September 19th and Saturday the 20th, with TELOCH VOVIN set to storm the second day’s stage alongside Kult ov Azazel, Summon, Ritual Decay, Manticore and others. The band will also return to Saint Vitus Bar in October, set to take place at the two-day, two-venue The Rage Of Armageddon 2 Fest on the 10th and 11th, TV performing on night number one with Immortal Suffering, Mortician and more.

TELOCH VOVIN Live Rituals:
9/12/2014 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Lord Almighty, Occultation, Nexul, Black Witchery [info]
9/13/2014 Voltage Lounge – Philadelphia, PA w/ Pissgrave, Nexul, Krieg, Black Witchery [info]
9/20/2014 The Factory Underground – Wilkes-Barre, PA @ Wrath Of The Goat 3 Fest [info]
10/10/2014 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY @ The Rage Of Armageddon 2 Fest [info]

In conjunction with the upcoming performances, and to bridge the gap between their debut promo CD and their upcoming EP, due early 2015, TELOCH VOVIN will release a limited edition live CDR entitled Atah Gebur Le-Olam Sathanas. Restricted to a run of only seventy-two copies, the disc will be available at the upcoming live rituals as well as via the band’s Facebook page as of Friday, September 12th.

Following the four confirmed shows, TELOCH VOVIN’s next plan of attack is to enter the studio to record their upcoming EP release, Further Down the Tunnel. Additional information on all looming recordings will be revealed in the near future.

Culminated from various wastelands in the New York City region, harbingers TELOCH VOVIN unleash a debilitating and demented form of disease-ridden occult black metal, their off-kilter hymns summoned through an unhinged, spontaneous fashion. Jagged, high-speed buzzsaw riffing is met with slow-motion dirges, and their Khaotic multiple-vocalist attack permeates the atmosphere infused with bells, electronics and other experimental aspects. Live, expect a wall of amplification, candlelight altars, sacrificial bones, blood, fire and the atmosphere of pure death.