EXCEL: Additional Details On Southern Lord Reissue Of Classic Split Image LP Released

Following their 2013 reunion, California hardcore/thrash metal crossover band, EXCEL, has since teamed up with Southern Lord, who is now reissuing their debut album, Split Image. Originally released in 1987 through Suicidal and Caroline Records, and now widely regarded as a classic album, Split Image was produced by Randy Burns (Death, Possessed, Megadeth, Kreator, Suicidal Tendencies). The reissue of the album will now be officially re-released in North America on September 30th.

Remastered by Brad Boatright (Bl’ast!, Sleep, Obituary, Black Breath) the Southern Lord issue of Split Image comes with a massive amount of bonus material including the Welcome to Venice comp tracks, Personal Onslaught demo and the Refuse to Quit demo. The LP Includes a 32-page 7″ X 7″ booklet with tons of photos from the era and a 11″ x 17″ poster of the original Michael Seiff album cover artwork. The CD contains bonus demo material, including the Personal Onslaught and Refuse to Quit demos, as well as a booklet with many rare/unseen photos. A crucial documentation of an essential crossover band.

Having formed in 1984, EXCEL released three studio albums as well as a number of demos and singles. Equally informed by punk rock’s attitude and heavy metal’s riffs, the band’s high-speed delivery combined with their intelligent lyrics set them apart as a genre defining band of the era.

EXCEL‘s current lineup — which includes Dan Clements on vocals, Shaun Ross on bass, Mike Cosgrove on drums and Alex Barreto (Chain Of Strength) on guitar — are confirmed to play the Southern Lord Recordings showcase on October 15th in Los Angeles alongside Goatsnake, The Offenders, Xibalba, Obliterations, Baptists and Torch Runner, and their first South American appearance on October 25th at the Clash Club in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

EXCEL Tour Dates:
10/15/2014 Los Globos – Las Angeles, CA Southern Lord Showcase w/ Goatsnake, The Offenders, Obliterations, Xibalba, Baptists, Torch Runner
10/25/2014 Clash Club – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Split Image Reissue Track Listing:
1. Your Life, My Life
2. Insecurity
3. Split Image
4. Never Look Away
5. Wreck Your World
6. Social Security
7. Set Yourself Apart
8. The Joke’s On You
9. Looking For You
10. Spare The Pain
Personal Onslaught demo (1985)
11. Split Image
12. Insecurity
13. Looking For You
14. Spare The Pain
Refuse To Quit demo (1986)
15. Never Look Away
16. Gods Of Power
17. Set Yourself Apart
18. Blitz In Confinement

Maybe there is life in Venice, CA, that doesn’t involve the beach; iron pumpers and Suicidal Tendencies, since that’s all you seem to hear about. Yes? Of course, there is always EXCEL! Their demos were major impression sessions and now with the release of their first album “Split Image”, the direction of EXCEL is officially exposed. Combining a rabble-rousing attack of metal with deep hardcore roots, the outcome is thick and heavy with sudden excursions into the rapids. EXCEL is definitely brick material, hard and sturdy. Not suffering from snare core, they advance with sonic power and creep forth with an awesome fatness.Pushead – Thrasher Magazine #2, 1988