TANKARD: German Thrash Veterans To Host Gimme Metal Guest DJ Show Thursday October 20th; Pavlov’s Dawgs Full-Length Out Now On Reaper Entertainment

German thrash veterans TANKARD will host a two-hour Gimme Metal guest DJ special on Thursday October 20th at 11:00am ET / 8:00am PT!

Tune in and join the chat at THIS LOCATION.  

The Gimme special follows the band’s eighteenth studio album Pavlov’s Dawgs, released late last month on Reaper Entertainment.

Four decades into their liver-destroying, gut-stretching, thrash rampage, there’s still no stopping the TANKARD beer train. Pavlov’s Dawgs, which was recorded and produced at Gernhard Studio Troisdorf together with producer Martin Buchwalter, is available on CD, vinyl in various color variants, limited earbook with previously unreleased pictures from the last forty years of TANKARD, and as a limited box set which includes two demos on cassette.

Order yours today at THIS LOCATION.

View the band’s previously released videos for “Beerbarians, “Ex-Fluencer,” “Lockdown Forever,” “Diary Of A Nihilist,” and a three-part track-by-track breakdown at THIS LOCATION.

“TANKARD shows on Pavlov’s Dawgs that they are in the same boat as the other big bands out there in the world of thrash metal. They can dish it out like the best of them and they should be more appreciated and discovered again. It’s a damn shame that they were lost in the shuffle back then but now they are back to the forefront, ready to conquer again! A solid effort from an unsung band!” – Metal Wani

TANKARD may only do one thing, but truthfully, they do it very, very well and Pavlov’s Dawgs is thrashing beast, as TANKARD take a slug of the sweet nectar and take on subjects like the Coronavirus Pandemic, global lockdowns and the narcissism of Instagram and TikTok through excellent tracks such as ‘Ex-Fluencer,’ ‘Diary Of A Nihilist,’ and ‘Lockdown Forever.’ However, the real crowning moment here is the track ‘Veins Of Terra’ a pro-conservationist anthem which has all the enjoyability of modern Testament as well as Anvil and Raven.” – Metal Digest

“…powerful and aggressive, with the amazing riffs being the point of reference. It is clear that this time they had the time to deal more with the composition of the tracks, paying attention to all the details.” – Metal Invader