TAIPAN: Today Is The Day/UXO Side Project’s 1002: A Rock Odyssey Album Now Remastered And Available On All Digital Services Through SuperNova Records

SuperNova Records presents the out-of-print solitary album from Today Is The Day and UXO side project TAIPAN, 1002: A Rock Odyssey, now fully remastered and available on all streaming services.

In the mid-2000s, Today Is The Day/UXO guitarist/vocalist Steve Austin, Today Is The Day bassist at the time Chris Debari, and UXO drummer Patrick Kennedy gathered as TAIPAN and recorded 1002: A Rock Odyssey, a psychedelic noise rock punch in the face. An album full of hard rocking songs fused with dark, lonely melodies, and graphic, extreme themes, the record is harrowing, and fearless in its delivery of non-conformist approach to music. At any given moment it ventures from a focused, ninja-like attack, with off-kilter rhythms and driving attack, to beautiful, melancholic sadness that breaks your heart, while making you smile.

Austin’s voice is both as vicious as ever on 1002: A Rock Odyssey, but this record really exposes a PJ Harvey-like quality in soulful delivery and crazy-worded lyrics, while at times, it’s as if the band blended the best of Led Zeppelin with the Butthole Surfers. Record on 2″ analog tape at Austin Enterprise, it’s a sonic goldmine with a sound that brings you back to the very best Jesus Lizard offerings of the early 1990’s. Vintage microphones from the BBC and a plethora of German Telefunken and Neumann mics captured this slab of rock perfectly. It was recorded the way records used to be recorded, as real as humanly possible, and it shows.

While 1002: A Rock Odyssey features some wildly entertaining cover songs – Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” and The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” – it’s the original songs here that really make an impact. “Hyenas” (an ode to Laughing Hyenas) shows off Austin’s creative skills with both songwriting and vocals; hard times never sounded so good in song format, as this track is pure depression ending with a clobbering low keyed piano forcing its way into your soul. Like AC/DC, this is in-your-face hard-as-fuck rock that fans of 1990s noise rock can fall in love with. “Don’t Chain My Soul” makes the hair stand up on your arms as Austin delivers at the end of his rope vocals that twist and tear at your emotions. This is a purely original and real record with a warm thick analog tone that you just don’t hear in modern records.

Originally released on CD in 2007 through Austin’s SuperNova Records, TAIPAN‘s 1002: A Rock Odyssey has here been fully remastered in analog and captured in hi-definition 24-Bit audio for its reintroduction to the modern digital music world. If you’re feeling down and want to just smash shit and trip out to no end, this may be just what you need.

TAIPAN’s 1002: A Rock Odyssey is now available at the SuperNova Records Bandcamp page alongside the newly reissued Today Is The Day catalog and more RIGHT HERE.

The album is also now available across all digital services including Apple Music HERE and Spotify HERE.

1002: A Rock Odyssey Track Listing:
1. Clairvoyant IX
2. Hyenas
3. My Big Dick In Your Mouth
4. Don’t Chain My Soul
5. Angel Dust
6. Teardrop
7. Epiphany
8. Capricorn
9. Manzig
10. Baby Loves Daddy
11. Nashville
12. Lost Rhodes
13. This Is Your Life
14. Behind Blue Eyes
15. We Will Rock You

Patrick Kennedy – drums
Chris Debari – bass
Steve Austin – vocals/guitars/electronics