Swedish Doom Goliaths GRIFTEGÅRD To Unleash Debut This Tuesday Via Ván Records

Swedish for a church-less graveyard, the name GRIFTEGÃ…RD holds a symbolism that is echoed in the musical and textual themes expressed by its members – the aesthetic is clearly spiritual, although non-confessional, just like the atmosphere of a burial ground generally is perceived as solemn, sacred and severe, regardless of whether or not the visitor is aware of which religious current it is a part of. GRIFTEGÃ…RD, in an artistic context, is the burial ground for finite and worldly thoughts and the birth place for ponderings of an infinite and spiritual nature — the superficial, the shallow, the empty – such expressions have no place in GRIFTEGÃ…RD’s universe. The core and soul of all is all. To some this may seem as bold, even pretentious, statements for a band to make and to them we say: Dare to drop your armor of cynicism and irony, care to open your dormant mind’s eye, gaze inwards, and challenge yourself!

Norrköping, Sweden doom metal goliaths GRIFTEGÃ…RD – vocalist Thomas Eriksson (Bokor), guitarist/lyricist Ola Blomkvist (Spetälsk, The Doomsday Cult), guitarist Per Broddesson (The Doomsday Cult, Wolverine etc.), bassist Thomas Jansson (Wolverine) and drummer Jens Gustafsson — will unleash their debut full-length, Solemn-Sacred-Severe, in the US on May 25, 2010 (this Tuesday!) via Van Records.

Branded “a milestone” by Sweden Rock Magazine, who gave the record a much-deserved 9/10 rating upon its Euro release late last year, Solemn-Sacred-Severe was recorded and mixed between March 13 – June 14, 2009 in Milk Studios, Norrköping, and produced by the band, with co-producer engineer/studio owner Magnus Jonsson. Arguably one of the genre’s most eclectic offerings this year, the riff heavy masterwork includes appearances from various friends of the band, all of whom added to the already multi-textured epic doom hymns. Elaborated Blomkvist: “During the recording various friends of the band were helpful in different ways; Nicklas Kinnander played the organ on the track ‘Noah’s Hands’ and laid down piano for ‘Drunk With Wormwood.’ He also lent his voice to the choirs that appear on the album, together with Thomas Erickson, Jens Gustafsson, Micael Zetterberg and Rickard Larsson, the later deserving a special mention — besides providing fantastic soprano vocal lines, Rickard helped arrange the choirs. Having been engaged in this type of sacred expression since childhood he has an extensive source of choral singing experience to pour from, something that is clearly evident upon listening to Noah’s Hands. Another very talented and helpful individual was Peter Andersson, famous for his dark ambient artistry in Raison D’être, Stratvm Terror, Necrophorus, Svasti-Ayanam etc. Peter’s ideas/re-mixing added a lot to the atmosphere of ‘Noah’s Hands’ and we are eternally indebted to him.”

“… nothing less than a spiritual journey. Quite possibly the (yes, the) doom standout of the year thus far.” — Metal Army America