SUNFLO’ER: Experimental Hardcore Unit To Release All These Darlings And Now Me Full-Length Via Dark Trail Records; “Cryptfucker” Video Now Playing + Preorders Available

Photo by Erin Farrell

Experimental hardcore unit SUNFLO’ER (SUN+FLOW+UR) will release their All These Darlings And Now Me full-length September 2nd through Dark Trail Records.

Formed in 2010 and hailing from Potsdam, New York SUNFLO’ER has released two EPs on their own label before signing with Magnetic Eye Records in 2015, which saw the release of their first LP, 1963. The band was also featured on Magnetic Eye’s Helmet tribute, Meantime [Redux] and Pink Floyd tribute, The Wall [Redux].  For their second LP, No Hell, SUNFLO’ER partnered with Ottawa’s Noise Salvation for the release of a CD/’Zine and published the vinyl through their own imprint. Now, with the addition of vocalist, Jeff Lyszczarz, SUNFLO’ER is set to release their third full length album, All These Darlings And Now Me. The band utilizes a dynamic and hectic approach to hardcore that takes cues from Converge, La Dispute, Cursed, Circle Takes The Square, and Dangers.

All These Darlings And Now Me was recorded, mixed, and produced by Urian Hackney at The Box in Burlington, Vermont, and mastered by Zach Weeks at GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts.

Elaborates founding drummer/vocalist Ethan Shantie of the record, “The writing process for this album was a huge departure for us, and I think that you can tell that a lot changed between No Hell and now. Not only did we add a new member, but we also lost loved ones, went through career changes, all that bullshit. Most of this record was written by sharing parts on Google Drive. We all wrote riffs, drum patterns, and lyrics, but barely played any of the songs together as a full group until six months before we got into the studio. The songs all took their final shape during a weeklong stay at an AirBnb in Central New York.

“Urian is responsible for making this album sound as god damn big as it does. Not only did he get the best possible performances out of us, but he also made some critical recommendations that filled out our sound and made the songs pop. And, of course, he knew a good idea when he heard it – that’s why there’s tambourine on every single song. This is also a definite departure for us. All These Darlings And Now Me has a lot of the same chaotic noise that we’ve always loved to play, but with the addition of Jeff on vocals and more stripped down, rock-and-roll oriented riffs, we’ve found a sound I think we were always building toward. The pandemic forced us to recalibrate and reassess everything about this band – what worked and what didn’t. I think we’re finally writing the music we’ve been trying to make for thirteen years.

“Jeff makes this record, he continues, “Carter, Jim, and I have handled vocal duties for the last ten years, but it never really felt like we were in our comfort zone. Jeff can do everything we can do and so much more. He grounds these songs and makes them anthemic and endlessly listenable.

“Lyrically, there’s a lot happening on this record. All four of us contributed words, lines, and whole passages into one giant shared document. Jeff was able to find the common themes in all of it and put together lyrics that meditate in large part on loss and loneliness. We also have some not-so-subtle nods to our favorite songs and artists; we were stuck inside for almost the entire time we were writing this record, and what else did we have other than tv and books and music? We’ve always worn our influences on our sleeves, this time it’s just a little bit more overt.”

In advance of the record’s release, the band has unveiled a video for “Cryptfucker,” initially premiered via Mathcore Index. Notes Dark Trail Records label head Christian Segerstrom, “On ‘Cryptfucker,’ SUNFLO’ER recapture the magic of the golden age of rock and roll and combine it with the chaos and energy of mathcore and hardcore punk, with anthemic and nostalgia evoking lyrics, stop-on-a-dime-switchups, and endless swagger.”

View the band’s “Cryptfucker” video at THIS LOCATION.

All These Darlings And Now Me will be available on CD, LP and digitally. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

All These Darlings And Now Me Track Listing:

  1. Straight To VHS
  2. A Bombastic Return To Form For These Bay Area Rockers
  3. Cryptfucker
  4. Brand New Everything
  5. Here End The Roads And Days
  6. Big City Shotgun
  7. 7 Trumpets In Astoria
  8. Someday You Will Control The Birds
  9. All These Darlings And Now Me

Jim Doran – bass, vocals
Jeff Lyszczarz – vocals, auxiliary percussion
Carter Jones – guitar, vocals
Ethan Shantie – drums, vocals