SPINEBREAKER: Cavern Of Inoculated Cognition EP From San Jose Hardcore/Death Outfit Out Today On Creator-Destructor Records

photos by Michelle Nisbet

San Jose, California-based SPINEBREAKER presents their Cavern Of Inoculated Cognition EP, out today on Creator-Destructor Records and streaming everywhere.

Formed in the Bay Area hardcore scene, SPINEBREAKER unites vocalist Alex Herrera, bassist Josef Alfonso (Sunami), drummer Brian Do (Ripped To Shreds), and the triple-guitar attack of Elliot Morrow (Gulch) Cole Kakimoto (Gulch), and Justin Ton (Dead Heat). The band is known for their intensely heavy live shows and crossover appeal. It’s rare that a band encapsulates different subgenres of heavy music convincingly and genuinely, but SPINEBREAKER does it seamlessly, with a sound shaped by 1990s death metal legends, and the raw nature and aesthetic of hardcore.

SPINEBREAKER’s released their crushing debut LP, Ice Grave, in 2016, and in 2019 released a promo tape featuring the single “The Cost Of Innocent Life” as well as a cover of Agnostic Front’s “Power.” The band now returns in 2023 with the monstrous Cavern Of Inoculated Cognition, which sees the band leaning heavily into their death metal influences. The record delivers six tracks of absolute violent riffs, pummeling blastbeats, and apocalyptic overtones, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the Evil Wizard Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, California (Vastum, Mortuous, Necrot), and completed with logo by Alex Herrera, artwork by Brad Moore, and layout by Rachel Deering.

Stream SPINEBREAKER’s Cavern Of Inoculated Cognition in its ruthless entirety RIGHT HERE.

Cavern Of Inoculated Cognition is out today on LP, CD, CS, and digital formats – the first pressing of vinyl limited to 500 copies featuring two color variants with an embossed cover – at the Creator-Destructor Records webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

SPINEBREAKER continues booking shows in support of the new record. Stand by for additional live news to post over the weeks ahead.


5/06/2023 The CFF – Oxnard, CA w/ Torena, Dead Heat, In Time, Bare Minimum

“…a truly nasty piece of sludgy lo-fi hardcore death-metal.” – Stereogum

“Riff-heavy old school death metal; there may be plenty of it around at the moment but when it’s done well – as it certainly is here – there isn’t a thrill quite like it… it’ll fit right in somewhere alongside the likes of Undeath, Frozen Soul, Celestial Sanctuary, and Gatecreeper as one of those records that proves death metal really did have its form nailed pretty much from the very beginning.” – Distorted Sound Magazine

“There’s plenty of variety going on throughout the songwriting and SPINEBREAKER demonstrate… It’s how everything is brought together to make each track inviting and fascinating as their atmosphere easily intoxicates with crushing might.” – The Razor’s Edge