NIGHTMARER: Deformity Adrift Full-Length from Discordant Death Metal Act Out Now On Total Dissonance Worship And Vendetta Records; Record Release Shows Confirmed

Photo by Peter Voigtmann

Today sees the official unveiling of Deformity Adrift, the punishing second LP from dissonant death metal practitioners NIGHTMARER!

Out now on Total Dissonance Worship and Vendetta Records, Deformity Adrift ventures far beyond the conventions of the already unconventional genre of dissonant death metal, without surrendering an ounce of viciousness. A thirty-two-minute sonic behemoth, the record is at once confounding and ravaging. Inarguably the band’s most diverse work to date, strong nuances of industrial and doom metal can be heard throughout the record’s nine tracks concluding fittingly with a suffocating wall of sound that leaves its listeners bruised, battered, and shaken. The guitars were recorded by Simon Hawemann at Sludge Studios, vocals and additional guitars were recorded by Keith Merrow at Merrowsound, all bass was recorded by Brendan Sloan at Overland, and drums were recorded by Marc Wüstenhagen at Dailyhero Recordings. The record was mixed and mastered by Raphaël Bovey at MyRoom Studio and comes adorned in the cover art of Jeanne Comateuse.

Stream NIGHTMARER’s Deformity Adrift at THIS LOCATION.

Watch the band’s video for “Taufbefehl” HERE and “Hammer Of Desolation” HERE.

NIGHTMARER’s Deformity Adrift is available via Total Dissonance Worship in the US and Vendetta Records in Europe on CD, LP, CS, and digital formats. Find all ordering options at THIS LOCATION.

In honor of Bandcamp Friday, the digital edition of Deformity Adrift has name-your-price availability until midnight! Grab it HERE.

To celebrate the release of Deformity Adrift, the band will play two back-to-back record release shows in Portland and Seattle respectively with additional shows to be announced in the weeks to come. See confirmed dates below.

NIGHTMARER – Deformity Adrift Record Release Shows:
5/14/2023 High Water Mark – Portland OR w/ Burial Clouds, Geremiah
5/15/2023 Substation – Seattle, WA w/ Burial Clouds, Vulnere

Forged in 2014, the international collective known as NIGHTMARER, which features within its ranks current and former members of The Ocean, Convulsing, Gigan, War From A Harlot’s Mouth, and more, set out to derive only the most extreme elements of their previous musical endeavors and take them to much more miserable and punishing levels.

NIGHTMARER hit the extreme metal underground with their 2016-released debut EP Chasm. The furious whirlwind of low-end dissonance and pulverizing heaviness immediately took the scene by storm and paved the path to a record contract with Season Of Mist. The band’s following full-length Cacophony Of Terror (2018) and their appearance on the 2019 edition of the Devastation On The Nation Tour, earned the band a strong, diehard following, while the addition of guitarist Keith Merrow (Merrow, Conquering Dystopia) in the same year, only further cemented their reputation as a band to watch closely.

In early 2020, NIGHTMARER parted ways with Season Of Mist to launch their own label, Total Dissonance Worship. Under that banner, the band released the single “Primordial Grit” and 2021 EP Monolith Of Corrosion to critical acclaim from both fans and critics alike. Angry Metal Guy crowned the EP, “one of the weightiest, most impactful death metal offerings you’re likely to hear for months to come.” Everything Is Noise concurred noting, “Monolith Of Corrosion stands tall and mighty as a bleak and harrowing monument to what the darker depths of metal can achieve.” Added No Clean Singing, “if you think of Monolith Of Corrosion not just as a stunning piece of work in its own right, but also as a sign of how much NIGHTMARER have improved and evolved in just the few short years since Cacophony of Terror, then it only stands to reason that their next album – whenever it may appear and whatever form it may take – will be even bigger, even better, and even more devastating.”

By 2021, most of the band relocated to Portland, Oregon to finish the production of their long-awaited, second full-length: this year’s Deformity Adrift.

“Everything about this rules.” – Metal Injection

“The song is both spacious and heavy, calling to mind dissonant death metal greats like Gorguts and Ulcerate but in a way that NIGHTMARER can call their own.” – BrooklynVegan on “Hammer Of Desolation”

“In line with that harrowing and haunting subject matter, the music delivers twisted guitar dissonance whose unnerving contortions might put your teeth on edge, backed by bludgeoning rhythms, bursts of turbulent blasting, and terrorizing growls.” – No Clean Singing

Instead of taking the route that many other bands in the style go and repeating their influences, NIGHTMARER try new things on Deformity Adrift, introducing elements of doom and industrial into the mix. While that’s a welcome addition, there are also plenty of straight-up death metal bangers, so you don’t ever have to choose. NIGHTMARER have been the best in their niche since their 2018 debut LP Cacophony of Terror and Deformity Adrift doesn’t challenge that status.” – MetalSucks

NIGHTMARER has created something truly special with Deformity Adrift. Unforgivingly dissonant but far more immediate than the cloaked figures of its genre-mates, it balances cutthroat riff and bleak atmosphere for a unique death metal album that ought to challenge the echelon of 2023’s already formidable spread. With a palette of devastation that wastes no time in caving your skull in, it takes what made Cacophony Of Terror and Monolith Of Corrosion so tantalizing and capitalizes upon them. Deformity Adrift soars.” – Angry Metal Guy

“Buckle up because this one is seriously something to behold… Truly grasping and digesting each of the songs is a monumental yet highly rewarding task for those willing to embark on it.” – Toilet Ov Hell

“…menacing, painful and punishing…” – Technical Music Review

“…easily one of the best albums that will come out this year. Full of low-end heaviness and driving dissonance, Deformity Adrift is not just an album with a pretty cover, it is a towering achievement of dissonant death metal glory that will find its way onto not a few best-of, year-end lists.” – Metal Epidemic

NIGHTMARER’s technically sharp death metal sounds as vicious and bloody as ever on Deformity Adrift, a record that puts a gruesome edge on a more progressive mind frame… This is a menacing beast, one that makes the most of its time and leaves everything a tangled mess of flesh and bone when it’s over.” – Meat Mead Metal

NIGHTMARER’s technical death metal on Deformity Adrift isn’t about as many 100 mph guitar solos they can squeeze in, but how to unnerve a listener with irregular tempos that signify a growing dread in the air.” – Heavy Music HQ