SOUL DISSOLUTION: Metal Injection Premieres SORA Full-Length From Belgian Atmospheric Black Metal Outfit; Record To Drop This Friday Via Viridian Flame Records

Photo by Peter Baele

Metal Injection is currently streaming SORA, the moving new full-length from Belgium’s SOUL DISSOLUTION. The premiere comes in advance of the record’s official unveiling this Friday, September 30th via Viridian Flame Records.

Japanese for “sky,” SORA is a five-song conceptual work that revolves itself around the sky’s many facets and bears a distinct Japanese touch, including the use of haiku poems in the lyrics, and custom-made calligraphy adorning the cover art. On this album, the band cultivates the key elements of their sound: melancholic atmospheres, catchy melodies, to-the-point song structures, and a clear, modern production. Yet, the vision presented is richer and more diverse. While some songs remain true to the genre’s archetypes, others take a more “positive” turn, straying further from what can reasonably be called black metal. The result is an album unlike any other, taking the listener on an epic journey, under an ever-changing sky…

Notes the band, “SORA is a perfect name for this album, whose five tracks explore five facets of the ever-changing ocean above us: the hopeful morning dawn, the elated and bright noon, the melancholic evening dusk, the tormented stormy clouds, and the peaceful night sky, bringing clarity and resolution.

The release of this third album also marks the tenth anniversary of the band’s existence, which is indeed quite fitting, as these songs have been in the making for almost just as long. Back in 2014, the concept behind this album had already been conceived, and although most of the music has been significantly rewritten since those times, its essence remains unchanged. It is with great anticipation, and a bit of relief after all these years spent working on it, that we finally present this album to you!”

Adds Metal Injection, “SOUL DISSOLUTION is now streaming their beautifully blackened new record SORA, whose atmospheric runtime paints a picture of the entire day and our changing surroundings. If you’re a fan of bands like Agalloch, Drudkh, Harakiri For The Sky, and Woods Of Desolation, then you’re going to love this.”

Stream SOUL DISSOLUTION’s SORA, exclusively at Metal Injection, at THIS LOCATION.

View the band’s previously released video for the record’s stunning first single at THIS LOCATION.

SORA will be released on CD, vinyl, and digitally. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

Founded in 2012, SOUL DISSOLUTION composes a distinctly poignant brand of atmospheric post-black metal. After a slow beginning, it was their second album, 2018’s Stardust, released by Black Lion Records, that earned them recognition in this specific niche of the genre. This album was followed by various EPs, of which the most recent, Winter Contemplations, was released in 2020 by the band’s own Viridian Flame Records. The Headbanging Moose hailed the EP for being at once, “introspective and brooding… telling stories of snowy landscapes, raging blizzards, regret and purgatory.” Metal Temple concurred awarding the EP a 9/10 rating and noting, “though only two songs are present on this EP, they are two massively powerful offerings of beauty and sadness… this band can capture a bevy of emotions that runs you through a whirlwind of feelings, from depressing and anger, to hope and endurance.” Added Cvlt Legion, “Winter Contemplations finds itself balanced on the knife edge between the harshness and the hope of earth’s coldest season. Never losing focus for one moment, this is an absorbing, accommodating and heartfelt outpouring of emotion in the solitude of a barren sky. In a year of desolation, this record reminds us of the natural desolation we should all behold – one that will never leave us.

“Belgium’s SOUL DISSOLUTION could be considered travelers. After traversing the furious storms and fires of black metal, the band has come out the other side and seeks a reflective path on SORA. The album’s central theme, informing both the music and the lyrics, focuses on the sky and the various ways it inspires and informs our experience.” – Decibel Magazine

“In the music, the clouds roll in, the storm breaks open, lightning flashes and the deluge follows, and as it subsides it leaves us in a state of introspection, alone with our own dark thoughts, even if washed clean…” – No Clean Singing