SNARES OF SIXES: Project Of Agalloch’s Jason Walton To Release New Album Via Nefarious Industries And Transcending Records; Trailer Posted

photo by Cody Keto

SNARES OF SIXES is a collective of ever-evolving artists and musicians led by Jason Walton. Best known as the bassist for Agalloch, Walton has also been a part of several other bands over the years, including Sculptured, Dolven, Celestiial, and Sleepchains, among others. In recent years, the multi-instrumentalist has returned to composing experimental and ambient music under his own name, as well as through the SNARES OF SIXES conduit where he is joined by a cast of collaborators.

The SNARES OF SIXES ensemble paints with a wide brush yet creates highly detailed and intricate music that lends itself to deep listening and patience. The outfit’s second album, MoonBladder shows Walton’s most accomplished and rich work to date. A single composition with a wide swath of dynamics and directions coalescing within, MoonBladder dips its pen in the electronics of mid-period Ulver, ambient/noise, meditations on field recordings and guitar, and cavernous vocal passages.

MoonBladder features a staggering lineup of artists, with members of Kayo Dot, Winds, Lawnmower Deth, and Dreadnought, among many others having contributed to the record. The album was mixed by Jason Walton at Earth in Sound Studios and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, O.L.D.).

A brief trailer for SNARES OF SIXES’ MoonBladder by Gretchen Heinel is now playing at THIS LOCATION.

MoonBladder is being finalized for release in the second half of the year, where it will be unveiled on CD through Transcending Records and on LP by Nefarious Industries, in addition to all digital providers. Watch for further details to be issued in the weeks ahead.