SEIDR: New Track Streaming Now At Brooklyn Vegan

Today, Brooklyn Vegan has posted the public’s first exposure to SEIDR‘s upcoming album For Winter Fire. The crushing, epic album opener, “A Vision From Hlidskjalf,” can be heard now at this location.

Although SIEDR‘s roots lie in classic death/doom á la early Katatonia, they seamlessly blend an impressive host of other influences that ultimately make the band hard to peg down. Where For Winter Fire truly succeeds is in its use of American folk-based aesthetics, channeling the profound sorrow of early blues and bluegrass into something entirely more vicious and crushing. The album is paced like a glacier, giving ample time to digest its innumerable nuances. Moreover it is the rich layering that earns it the profundity to draw listeners in and get lost for the album’s hour-and-thirteen-minute running time.

Set for release in North America on May 24, and in Europe on June 7 via The Flenser, For Winter Fire is a monumental achievement in the genre of doom, and SEIDR undoubtedly encourage progress in the ancient art of doom metal.