DEEP SHIT To Hit The Road Next Month: Madison, Wisconsin hooligans, DEEP SHIT, will make their way through the treacherous South next month! Teach them the fine ways of Southern Hospitality as they plow through your fields with a blistering breed of powerviolence! For more info, visit:]

DEEP SHIT Live Actions:
5/17/2011 Iowa City, IA
5/18/2011 Kansas City, MO
5/19/2011 Oklahoma City, OK
5/20/2011 Ft. Worth, TX
5/21/2011 Austin, TX
5/22/2011 Houston, TX
5/23/2011 New Orleans, LA
5/24/2011 New Orleans, LA
5/26/2011 Gainsville, FL
5/27/2011 Tampa, FL
5/28/2011 Sarasota, FL
5/29/2011 Miami, FL
5/30/2011 Orlando, FL
5/31/2011 St. Augustine, FL
6/01/2011 Athens/Atlanta, GA
6/02/2011 Chatanooga, NC
6/03/2011 Asheville, NC
6/04/2011 Raliegh, NC
6/05/2011 Richmond, VA
6/06/2011 Columbus, OH
6/07/2011 Dayton, OH
6/08/2011 Lima, OH
6/09/2011 Chicago, IL

FACTION DISASTER Free Digital Release: FACTION DISASTER‘s Smoking Sherm With Corey Haim’s Corpse digital release is out now and ready to shred the wwwDANKWEB! Two-man, low-fi pulverizing blastcore violence featuring 12 tracks guaranteed to be your leading cause of tinnitis. Blaze, toke, and bless you’re soul with powerviolence dank ‘n’ roll. Get your free download/stream HERE.

Give Praise Unveils DAILYFASTCORE, a new project sponsored by Give Praise Records. DAILYFASTCORE is a full news/feed website for all walks of extreme from grindcore to powerviolence, to fastcore to everything in between. Check it out at: Get in touch for info, news submissions, Twitter feeds, etc….

Don’t Forget Fastcore Television: Your online resource for fastcore, powerviolence, grindcore videos!

Upcoming On Give Praise Records:

BEER COPRSE – Keg Nuts 7″ – Brutal, assripping, Australian grindcore.

SOIL OF IGNORANCE / WADGE Spilt 7″ – Canadian powergrind meets Canadian powergrind on one 7″. Vicious.

BACKSLIDER / NIMBUS TERRIFIX Split 7″ – Philly hardcore meets Scranton hardcore in a split beatdown that will make you shit blood.

Further details to be announced in due time….
About Give Praise Records:
Give Praise Records is a Massachusetts-based label founded by Paul Sunderland in 2005. The label specializes in grindcore, powerviolence, punk and anything teeth-gnashingly fast in vinyl format. For more info, visit: