SCHISMOPATHIC: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Vote For Me” Video From Cult Polish Grindcore Outfit; The Human Legacy Nears Release Via Selfmadegod Records

As cult Polish grindcore act SCHISMOPATHIC prepares to release The Human Legacy – the band’s first full-length album since its inception in 1988 – through Selfmadegod Records this month, Decibel Magazine is hosting a premiere for the band’s new “Vote For Me” video.

SCHISMOPATHIC‘s The Human Legacy was recorded and mixed at 125 Studio between May 2020 and March 2021, and produced by Michal “Maly” KwiecieÅ„. The record’s intro features KwiecieÅ„ and Artur “Janek” JasiÅ„ski, and the outro features Sebastian “Stecyk” Steć. The cover art and layout were handled by JasiÅ„ski and DIY Zrup Leprzy Prod. The track “Proof Of Ignorance” is a new version of the 1989 track “Construction Of Ignorance,” here re-recorded in a new arrangement with new lyrics. With twelve new songs recorded with two original members, The Human Legacy is old-school grindcore frenzy at its best!

Reverals the band of the latest single, “The ‘Vote For Me’ song is a completely new composition, which can be found on The Human Legacy album. Generally, the lyrics are about the naivety of people and unfulfilled promises of politicians. The text was inspired by observations of the election processes in Poland and the rest of the world and irritation of the stupidity of societies that behave like a crowd of fools. People believe in election promises of the candidates, which are often unrealistic. In fact, most politicians can promise anything, just to be elected and have a career. After the elections, politicians mostly argue among themselves, and that focuses the attention of stupid society.”

Decibel writes with their premiere of the video, “A ripping, old-school chunk of deathgrind, ‘Vote for Me’ doesn’t sound like a band that’s been inactive for the last three decades. Visually, SCHISMOPATHIC avoid the usual pitfalls of a lyric video using hand-drawn, black-and-white animations that spell out the song’s meaning.”

Watch SCHISMOPATHIC’s “Vote For Me” animated video first at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Selfmadegod Records will release The Human Legacy on CD and digital formats on May 28th. Find preorders HERE and see the previously released “Time Of History” video HERE.

Founded in 1987 under the name Schismopathic Torment, in 1988 the band changed its name to SCHISMOPATHIC under the lineup of bassist Jacek B., guitarist Robert F., and vocalist/drummer Robert G. A year later, they released their debut demo, Kharkharamapathic Regurgitator, resulting in a plethora of shows throughout Poland with bands from the top tier of their country’s underground. In 1991, SCHISMOPATHIC recorded their debut album, D.E.M.O.C.R.A.C.Y., which, due to the band’s inactivity, was released with the first demo and live recordings in 2013 on CD, and then a few years later on LP via Selfmadegod Records.

The band’s reactivation in 2020 was preceded by a split 7″ EP with Antigama, also released through Selfmadegod. The band rebooted the original lineup but without Robert G., who was replaced on drums by Janek (ex-Psychoneurosis, ex-Bottom) and new vocalist Adrian. With this lineup, SCHISMOPATHIC composed and recorded material for the full album, The Human Legacy, which will now see release through Selfmadegod Records.