SATANARCHIST: First Against The Wall Full-Length From Portland Metal/Punk Duo Streaming At Noisey As Band’s Tour Across Canada Continues


Portland, Oregon-based SATANARCHIST this week delivers the devastating wares of their second album, First Against The Wall, for independent CD and digital release this week. The gruesome twosome’s shredding new album is streaming early through an exclusively-hosted stream at Noisey, as the band crusades across Canada and back in support of the album.

Noisey issues on behalf of SATANARCHIST‘s First Against The Wall, “Their crusty, weirdly catchy, deceptively clever mix of black metal, thrash, and punk, with its in-your-face political lyrics and see-you-on-the barricades aggression, feels fresh and necessary… First Against the Wall hits a sweet spot that’s rarely touched by the more atmospheric or more outright punk bands out in their neck of the Oregon woods. In short, they don’t sound like anyone else–and their lyrics tackle subjects that we don’t see mentioned nearly enough within the confines of extreme metal.”

Let the defiant album out of the cage RIGHT HERE.

Recorded and mixed by Fester at Haywire Studios (Usnea, Rabbits, Stoneburner) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Obituary, Integrity, Nails), First Against The Wall will lure diehard blackthrash worshippers and devotees of crust/d-beat punk and social activism into its unrelenting attack. In addition to nine searing SATANARCHIST anthems, First Against The Wall comes to a finale with a cover of the macabre ballad “Silver Ships Of Andilar” by Texas country legend Townes Van Zandt.

SATANARCHIST will independently release First Against The Wall digitally and on CD on June 2nd; preorders are posted HERE.

Decibel Magazine’s reaction to the album includes, “A furious whirlwind that combines black metal, anarcho-punk and thrash, SATANARCHIST formed in response to slow doom and music reliant on effects. And while new album First Against The Wall is rife with tremolo picking and references to Satanism, SATANARCHIST haven’t forgotten their punk roots either, taking on fascism, environmental destruction and the evils of religion in their lyrics.” No Clean Singing praised the album as, “a blazing-fast fireball of ripping, writhing blackened thrash with a palpable sense of rage mixed with rampant destructive tendencies. Whiplashing arpeggios and molten soloing blend with caustic vocal fury.” Indy Metal Vault praises the album, “it’s aggressive, technical without being overly flashy, and there’s enough variety in the songwriting to keep things engaging throughout it’s very listener-friendly forty-minute run time. If you like your metal blackened, you should definitely spend some time getting to know SATANARCHIST.”

As First Against The Wall is bursting into the public domain, SATANARCHIST is currently out on their mighty cross-Canada tour in support of the album. Now five shows into the tour, the duo will caravan across the country through June 10th, the first leg of the tour having been completed with Spinesplitter, and the rest of the dates see them out with Hard Charger. Watch for additional tour dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

6/01/2017 Maniac Mansion – Fredericton, NB w/ Hard Charger
6/02/2017 Scanner Bistro – Quebec City, QC w/ Hard Charger
6/03/2017 House Of Targ – Ottawa, ON w/ Hard Charger
6/04/2017 The Garnet – Peterborough, ON w/ Hard Charger
6/05/2017 Doors Pub – Hamilton, ON w/ Hard Charger, Greber, Thick Piss
6/06/2017 The Windsor Beer Exchange – Windsor, ON w/ Hard Charger
6/07/2017 The Temple – St. Catherines, ON w/ Hard Charger
6/08/2017 Coalition – Toronto, ON w/ Hard Charger, F*ckhawk, Black Tar
6/09/2017 Fattal – Montreal, QC w/ Hard Charger
6/10/2017 Rock Le Stage – Trois Rivieres, QC w/ Hard Charger

Formed by two former members of Spectral Tombs, SATANARCHIST surges with music that embodies the band’s philosophies of atheism, Satanism and anarchism reflected in a sound that fuses black metal, anarcho-punk and thrash. The follow-up to their 2014-released Making Threats At Punks Again debut, on SATANARCHIST‘s First Against The Wall brutalizer, drummer/lyricist Mark Nunziata and guitarist/vocalist John Edwards maintain a similar hybrid of rabid metal/punk styles as before, but the material exhibits a progression in the intricacy and complexity of the songwriting. The lyrics deepen into a more straightforwardly political realm addressing environmental devastation and ecological sustainability, the rise of fascism in US politics, the damage wrought by the institution of religion, and the weight of death and loss.


SATANARCHIST Canada Tour Poster