SANDRIDER: The Obelisk Streams Enveletration In Its Entirety; Full-Length From Seattle-Based Loud Rock Trio To See Release This Friday On Satanik Royalty Records

Photo by John Malley

“This sort of record doesn’t come around every year.” — The Obelisk

The Obelisk is currently streaming Enveletration, the new studio offering from Seattle-based loud rock trio SANDRIDER, in its entirety! The premiere comes in advance of the record’s official digital unveiling this Friday, March 3rd via Satanik Royalty Records.

With a primal combination of monstrously exultant riffs, soaring guitar solos, and catchy, triumphant choruses created by guitarist/vocalist Jon Weisnewski (Akimbo, Nuclear Dudes), bassist Jesse Roberts (The Ruby Doe, Kid Congo Powers, Old Iron), and drummer Nat Damm (Akimbo, Head Like A Kite, Automaton, Tight Bros From Way Back When), SANDRIDER sounds like the soundtrack to victory. But as evidenced by many of the lyrics on Enveletration, SANDRIDER’s brand of victory is a defiant one – wherein fun is an act of cathartic resistance and escape. Under the album’s layers of metaphor and amplifier feedback, you will find themes of political anger and modern malaise.

Elaborates The Obelisk, “Because it’s been a few years… and because its component songs hit with such a jolt, it’s tempting to think of Enveletration as a moment of arrival for SANDRIDER, but this is an oversimplification of what they accomplish in bridging ferocity and purpose. The truth is that among the four, there hasn’t been an album yet that hasn’t felt like or actually been a landmark for them upon its arrival, and whether one regards SANDRIDER as stewards of West Coast noise more generally, the inheritors of a pedigree of unhinged-sounding, tonally weighted hardcore, or the most uptempo doom band e’er to walk the earth, they are definitively in a place of their own. Enveletration is a wonder to be explored, engaged with, and appreciated; a miracle of the everyday that doesn’t come along every day.”

Read more and stream SANDRIDER’s Enveletration exclusively at The Obelisk at THIS LOCATION.

Recorded at Litho Studios in Seattle by Matt Bayles (Soundgarden, Mastodon, Botch), Enveletration proves that SANDRIDER’s adrenaline-charged fun and unconquerable spirit is yet again a sonic refuge where you’re temporarily invincible. Across its ten tracks, the record captures the utter relief the three members of SANDRIDER felt when returning to the practice space for the first time after a year of early-pandemic isolation and anxiety. The experience of waking their stacks of amplifiers from their dormancy, feeling the drums rattle their chests and the bass vibrate through the floor, and reveling in the indescribably euphoric return to writing music together in person is palpable. The end result is a nod to Seattle heavy-rock forefathers Soundgarden with their “break my rusty cage and run” attitude, mixed with the unrelenting, stage dive-off-the-bar energy of Refused and noisy noodling of Hot Snakes.

Enveletration will be released on Satanik Royalty Records — who recently reissued SANDRIDER’s first two full-length albums, Sandrider and Godhead – digitally on March 3rd with a limited vinyl edition to follow on March 17th.

Find digital preorders at THIS LOCATION. Find physical preorders at THIS LOCATION.

SANDRIDER will play a special hometown record release show on April 8th with additional shows to be announced in the coming weeks.

4/08/2023 Sunset Tavern – Seattle, WA *Enveletration Record Release Show w/ Dark Meditation, Museum Of Light

“Enveletration is just the top shelf of loud rock just as ready for the stereo as it is for the stage. Not a single song dips below greatness, and even when things are a bit softer and slower, there’s a constant propulsion forward, a progression that’s undeniably infectious and invigorating… Enveletration is a signal of triumph, of victory indeed, and a reminder that sometimes simplicity carries the most value.” – Everything Is Noise

Nat Damm – drums
Jesse Roberts – bass, vocals
Jon Weisnewski – guitar, vocals