RABID FLESH EATERS: Mike Scaccia-Produced Reign Of Terror Full-Length Out TODAY And Streaming At No Clean Singing


“Reign Of Terror is a fleet, furious, high-voltage charge of thrash and speed metal, with venom coursing through its blood-stream and plenty of viciously barbed hooks in every song.” – No Clean Singing

Today, Arlington, Texas-based thrash-fueled speed demons, RABID FLESH EATERS, drop their Reign Of Terror full-length upon the masses. In celebration of its release, No Clean Singing is streaming the record in full noting, “Reign Of Terror is a fleet, furious, high-voltage charge of thrash and speed metal, with venom coursing through its blood-stream and plenty of viciously barbed hooks in every song. But the music also includes skull-smashing grooves, along with some punk and industrial flavors as well. It’s a non-stop thrill ride through a demolition zone that will batter you black and blue but leave your bruised face grinning and your heart beating like it’s just been punctured with a needle full of adrenaline. Part super-heated frenzy and part pile-driving groove monster, it’s Grade A headbang fuel. And to go along with a lot of obvious instrumental skill, the vocals are also hell on wheels, displaying a lot of variety and passion – from raw yells to hair-raising screams, from lycanthropic growls and howls to punk snarls. And the vocalist can turn on a dime (check out the high yells that rise up immediately from the throaty growls in ‘Industry Killers’ as an example).

Hear Reign Of Terror at THIS LOCATION.

Produced by the late great Mike Scaccia (Rigor Mortis, Ministry), and co-produced, recorded and mixed by Kerry Crafton (Scratch Acid, Deadhorse), with artwork by Carcass John Fossum, RABID FLESH EATERS‘s Reign Of Terror spews forth nine predatory tracks centered around lycanthropy, societal decline, serial killers, terrorists and imminent global doom. Additionally, Reign Of Terror features a guitar solo by Scaccia on opening track, “Lycanthrope.”

In conjunction with the release of Reign Of Terror, RABID FLESH EATERS has confirmed a smattering of live abrasions with additional assaults to be announced in the coming weeks. See all confirmed dates below.

4/16/2016 Fitzgeralds – San Antonio, TX w/ Warbeast
4/22/2016 CD Release Show @ The Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX w/ Warbeast
5/07/2016 Vinyl Release Show @ Tomcats West – Fort Worth, TX w/ Creeper, Caddis, Maleficus, Wake The Fear

Killing as one, the current RABID FLESH EATERS lineup features guitarist Mike Taylor, bassist John Hill, vocalist Ricky Wilson and drummer Ed Velez. The band was loosely forged in 1986 but officially animated in 2010 when the band was asked by Bruce Corbitt (Rigor Mortis, Warbeast) to perform a benefit show for the late Ab Greig, owner of the legendary Fort Worth restaurant-turned-music venue, Joe’s Garage.

The self-released Reign Of Terror is out today, April 15, the date Scaccia agreed to produce the record five years earlier. The record comes available in two different cover variants – one in blue and one in red. To eorder the red version via Amazon (which includes a download of bonus track “Camber Of Pain”) point your browser to THIS LOCATION. For the blue version, go HERE. To order via iTunes, go HERE for red and HERE for blue. And physical copies are available HERE and HERE.




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