PYRRHON: CD Version Of Growth Without End EP Out Now On Selfmadegod Records; Band Announces Personnel Update


Following its initial vinyl version released earlier this year by Handshake Inc., the CD version of Growth Without End, the new mini-album from New York tech death outfit, PYRRHON, is out now on Selfmadegod Records.

PYRRHON‘s five-song Growth Without End was recorded and mixed by Ryan Jones, mastered by Colin Marston, and as expected from the talented and lethal outfit, is a total mindfuck, merging bouts of punishing death, super-evil noise rock, twisted math, chaotic and menacing grind. It’s kind of like Daughters, Brutal Truth, Merzbow and Autopsy created a batch of catchy-by-reverse-psychology songs, and then promised to never speak of them again. The band’s well-known wildly varied palate of screams, growls, grunts, howls, barks and spoken power to the ominous, thought-provoking and voyeuristic lyrics that navigate the miasma of sonic insanity the musicians lay down. It’s clear each member in the band is a virtuoso – skills used not to show off, but to engulf the listener with emotion, power, tasty chaos and passages that will get inside of you, possess you, and bring cathartic, ‘hell yes!’ pleasure and pain to all your musical glands. Fans of Gorguts, Ulcerate, Meshuggah, Death, Misery Index, Suffocation, Atheist, Deathspell Omega, Krallice and the like should not pass PYRRHON‘s madness by.

PYRRHON‘s five-song Growth Without End MCD is now available on CD via Selfmadegod internationally including a t-shirt bundle HERE and stateside through Selfmadgod’s US mailorder depot, Earsplit Distro, HERE.

Stream PYRRHON’s Growth Without End in its entirety via Bandcamp at THIS LOCATION.

Also just in, PYRRHON has parted way with founding drummer Alex Cohen, who has been replaced by new blood Steve Schwegler. Vocalist Doug Moore and Schwegler have a death/black metal band called Seputus that goes all the way back to 2005 including long spells of inactivity in recent years. This will come to an end with a brand new Seputus album, fully written by Schwegler, the lineup for the band now also including PYRRHON bassist Erik Malave (Imperial Triumphant, Artificial Brain live), uniting 3/4 of the current PYRRHON lineup. More on this new development is available HERE.