PSEUDO/SENTAI: NYC-Based Experimental Metal Collective Completes Two Albums; Title Track From Lead Album Bansheeface Now Playing


An unexpected rogue force of anti-heroes has been brought here to save our world, the collective bearing the title, PSEUDO/SENTAI. The outfit has dedicated the past five years to the recording of two full-length albums which will be released upon the masses to spread and memorialize their message to humanity, the first of which is nearing release early this Fall, as Bansheeface.

Currently based out of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, the sole characters in the forward-thinking PSEUDO/SENTAI unit supply their own unique skill sets to their prime trajectory, delivering their message through an unconventional but unfathomably entertaining barrage of mutated progressive thunder. Free-flow, atmospheric rock meets jacked-up prog-fusion with a tidal-strength current of electronic experimentation and video game overload, all coalescing into a bewilderingly miscellaneous yet utterly accessible style of nearly unclassifiable infectious music, seamlessly delivered in a clever and skilled intensity.

Bansheeface teaches us the history of another world, focusing on the vessel for the seed that destroyed it and the turmoil that surrounds her. Five years went into the making of Bansheeface from conception to completion, the record based on about two-hundred pages of sheet music. On this diverse album, the color-coded primary PSEUDO/SENTAI individuals saving the world from Eunuch Rock who have laid the groundwork for this composition are RED [also known as Scott Baker] providing lead vocals, programming, guitar and lyrics, as well as BLUE [a.k.a. Greg Murphy] supplying lead guitar, programming, additional vocals, composing skills. Additional Earth-based cohorts have also joined PSEUDO/SENTAI in on the creation of Bansheeface, with Jeff Eber (Dysrhythmia, Zevious) handling drums as “The Herdsman,” Jon Ehlers (Bangladeafy) supplying bass as “Arthropunch,” and Sawyer Schneider on guitar/stunt guitar as, “Oak Sawblade.” The nearly forty-five minute production was fully written and produced by PSEUDO/SENTAI, and co-produced by Colin Marston who handled all engineering, mixing, and mastering details at Thousand Caves: Menegroth.

PSEUDO/SENTAI feels that the books, comics, and graphic novels have become strongholds for detailed storytelling, and as we don’t need financiers to make them like films, they can be as expansive as they need to be without sacrificing creativity. The band applies that level of complete freedom and detail to affect multiple senses through music, as well as in its physical and visual delivery. Each element of the propaganda campaigns surrounding their works are saturated with artwork, paintings, mini-comics, storylines and additional visual stimulants creating a more immersive experience. Grace Passerotti did all this artwork for Bansheeface including the front cover, and additional visuals surrounding the album’s release will be leaked to the public over the coming weeks. In the meantime, the Bansheeface artwork, track listing, and audio sample through a stream of the title track have been released.

Get your first taste of the album with “Bansheeface” at the PSEUDO/SENTAI Soundcloud page at THIS LOCATION and their Bandcamp HERE.

PSEUDO/SENTAI will independently release Bansheeface digitally on October 16th. Stand by for additional upcoming transmissions containing new videos, audio, art and more from the record over the next few months. A second full-length chapter of their ongoing story has been documented and will see release in 2016.

bansheeface cover

Bansheeface Track Listing:

  1. Quantum Cardboard
  2. Sleeping Closer To The Ground
  3. Terraformed Transcendence
  4. Immaculation
  5. Bansheeface
  6. Trap Of Assassination
  7. Black Matter Of Machinations
  8. Sleeping Closer
  9. The Holy Metamorphacity
  10. A Taste Of Endangered
  11. Classic Tactics Of Xenocide
  12. March Of The Selkies
  13. Mound Of Seed, Seed Of Earth

Word on the street has inspired reactions from countless passersby. After encountering the Bansheeface they have simultaneously praised and feared its proficiency in psychosis, with random humans having issued descriptors and attempted genre classifications. These reports have not been publicly available until now, having been delivered directly to the PSEUDO/SENTAI unit directly from the public. One (un)lucky survivor reported, “This album is a trauma for me… I got into a car accident while listening to this music. I think this is the perfect music for a spaceship drunk dwarf party at a mushroom shaped disco room.” Another offers, “If there is another band they sound like, I have yet to stumble across them,” and another, “It’s hard to describe their music. Eclectic, technical art pop with a tip of avant-metal background,” as well as “Some wacky shit about alien political intrigue, man-eating Selkies and the eponymous Bansheeface, whom I might have been able to write a bit about had I understood a splinter of what the fucking story’s about.” This humanoid actually correlated the band’s output to notable scene heroes, offering, “This is a savory mix of genres I couldn’t have ever expected, with each track done wonderfully. The best I could do to reproduce something sounding like this would be a mixtape that includes Mars Volta, Haken, Portishead, Wilco, Nimh, and Riverside. Crossover indeed. Excellent, and will certainly prove a highlight of 2015.” Another agreed: “I don’t understand why this band is not at the forefront of the prog spotlight. Instead of saying ‘This band sounds like The Mars Volta,’ we should be comparing other bands to PSEUDO/SENTAI.”