NORYLSK: Second Full-Length From Merciless Polish Grindcore Quartet Out Now On Selfmadegod; Catholic Dictatorship Streaming + Order Links Posted


Catholic Dictatorship, the second album from Poland’s ruthless grindcore quartet, NORYLSK, is out now on Selfmadegod Records, and is streaming in its gutting entirety and available to mailorder fans internationally.

The new NORYLSK album Catholic Dictatorship hurtles one of the year’s most merciless and relentless grindcore albums point-blank at the listener, the record thundering with fourteen new heavy-as-fuck tracks in the vein of early Regurgitate, Dead Infection, Squash Bowels and Extreme Conditions…-era Brutal Truth. The recording and mastering duties for Catholic Dictatorship were handled by Michal Grabowski (Feto In Fetus) at Studio666 in Morag, Poland between December 2014 and February of 2015, and the layout created by Mentalporn. Prepare for a crushing grindcore bulldozer of a record.

Catholic Dictatorship from NORYLSK is streaming in its entirety via Selfmadegod’s Bandcamp at THIS LOCATION.

Orders for Catholic Dictatorship on CD can be made directly to Selfmadegod internationally RIGHT HERE and US fans can preorder the CD via Earsplit Distro HERE.


Catholic Dictatorship Track Listing:

  1. F.K.K
  2. Product Of Lobotomy
  3. Potential And Flesh
  4. Mental Alienation
  5. Sexual Apartheid
  6. Mental Selection
  7. Children Of The Political System
  8. Political Monologue
  9. Opec Paradox
  10. The Run
  11. The Pilgrimage To The Holy Places
  12. The Face Of Death
  13. The Whore Across The Ocean
  14. The Creator

TV – vocals
Kwiat – guitars
BudyÅ„ – bass
Lukass – drums

Born in mid-2008, the band’s lineup came together when Kwiat. BudyÅ„ and TV split from their former act, Trocki, in order to form a new band. Recruiting lukaSS as their drummer, NORYLSK came into existence. Through 2009, the band tested their new sound and songs on the live masses, and by the end of that year had recorded several tracks, which were released in 2010 as part of a three-way split with Fulcrum and Feto In Fetus titled, The Strange Case of The Missing Corpse, by German label, Angel Aids Records. Later that same year, NORYLSK recorded Political Pollution debut album, which saw release through Let It Bleed Records in November of 2011 and saw its official release at Mad Lion Festival. Breaking their silence after several years void of recordings, NORYLSK entered the studio in November 2014 to begin the recording of their sophomore album, Catholic Dictatorship, which is now pulverizing the masses through their union with Selfmadegod Records.