Pelagic Records Announces In The Twilight, These Rocks Have Teeth – A Compilation Of Contemporary Post Rock And Metal

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Pelagic Records will release In The Twilight, These Rocks Have Teeth this fall; a compilation of one-hundred-eighty minutes of contemporary post rock, metal, and experimental rock music. This release showcases the entire Pelagic Records roster and includes bands such as Mono, Pg.Lost, Klone, Wang Wen, and many others. Previously unreleased tracks by The Ocean and new signing Spook The Horses, as well as a previously digitally unreleased track by Cult Of Luna round off this fine compilation, which is set for a September 29th release. The collection features artwork by Max Löffler.

“Founded in 2009 by The Ocean guitarist Robin Staps, Pelagic Records has become an increasingly vital outlet for modern progressive metal, post-metal and beyond,” Rock-A-Rolla wrote last year in their Pelagic Records label feature while German Prog magazine Eclipsed crowned Pelagic, “one of the most influential labels,” in the realm of post metal, post rock, and prog.

“It’s been a slow, gradual growth process,” Owner Robin Staps comments. “I never had career ambitions with this label, and sometimes this old-school, DIY approach to things has really helped me focus on the essentials, and on maintaining a high standard of quality without being focused too much on success and numbers. I have also managed to not let the bad choices drag me down. It’s not bad to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.”

To get twelve-thousand acrylic layers or eleven tons of raw material manufactured, silk-screen printed, and assembled into vinyl boxsets with an individual weight of six KG seems like a pitiful mistake – but The Ocean’s spectacular Pelagial boxset, the label’s thirtieth release, turned out to be the biggest success in the label’s eight-year history – and put Pelagic Records right at the center of the map of extraordinary vinyl packaging. “If you want to give people a reason to continue buying music as a physical product in this digital age, you gotta give them a good reason,” notes Staps. “And beautiful packaging and artwork are the best possible reason.”

This compilation showcases the entire Pelagic Records roster, from well-established acts such as Mono, Cult Of Luna, and Pg.Lost, to newcomers such as Hyenas or New Zealand’s Spook The Horses, who contribute an exclusive track to this release – a track which will make your mouth water for their upcoming full-length album People Used To Live Here, due for a fall 2017 release. Cult Of Luna’s “Nord” has been previously only released on the Eternal Music vinyl LP and the Eviga Riket audio book.

Another exclusive track comes from Staps’ own band The Ocean. “Turritopsis Dohrnii” is the band’s first output since their 2015 Transcendental split EP with Japan’s post rock legends Mono, a release which inaugurated the Pelagic Split Series – later to be followed by editions featuring exclusive contributions by Cult Of Luna & The Old Wind, Tiny Fingers & Ef, and Llnn & Wovoka.

While the compilation’s first disc, In The Twilight…, focuses on the more calm, post-rock oriented side of the label, the second disc, … These Rocks Have Teeth, dives deep down into the realm of dark and epic heavy music that the label has become known and loved for, throughout their catalogue of now eighty-five releases. This compilation is a carefully designed and very listenable playlist, a perfect ride through the vast Pelagic Records universe!

Mono • Cult Of Luna • The Ocean • Sleepmakeswaves • Bison • Arms & Sleepers • Pg.Lost • The Old Wind • Terra Tenebrosa • God Is An Astronaut • Emil Amos • Khoma • Ef • Hypno5e • Klone • Wang Wen • Labirinto • Llnn • Briqueville • Ylva • Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto • Tiny Fingers • Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving • Earthship • Silver Snakes • Spook The Horses • Hyenas • Implore • Kruger • Dioramic • Lo! • Zatokrev • Abraham • Family • Coilguns • Wovoka • Nebra

CD #1: In The Twilight… Track Listing:
1 .pg.lost – Monolith
2. Mono – Cyclone
3. EF – Delusions Of Grandeur
4. Khoma – Dead Seas
5. Wang Wen – Red Wall And Black Wall
6. Cult Of Luna – Nord
7. Tiny Fingers – The Fall / Eyes Of Gold
8. Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving – The Albanian Sleepover – Part One (Edit)
9. Spook The Horses – Lurch
10. The Ocean – Turritopsis Dohrnii
11. The Shaking Sensations – Raveli
12. Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto – Muse
13. Klone – The Last Experience

CD #2: …These Rocks Have Teeth Track Listing:
1. Abraham – Dawn
2. The Old Wind – In Fields
3. LLNN – Monolith
4. Dioramic – The Storm
5. Earthship – Serpent Cult
6. Klone – Rocket Smoke
7. Hypno5e – North Shore – The Abstract Line
8. Coilguns – Submarine Warfare Anthem
9. Family – Daddy Wronglegs
10. Silver Snakes – Red Wolf
11. Kruger – The Wild Brunch
12. Lo! – Orca
13. Nebra – Shoulder Of Orion
14. Hyenas – Self-Adjusting
15. Implore – Sentenced
16. The Ocean – Benthic: The Origin Of Our Wishes
17. Mono – The Last Rays